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Event: Cotidianeidades Doméstico Productivas in Madrid



The Plataforma Husos, made up by IE School of Architrecture & Design professors Camilo Garcia and Diego Baraja, organizes an event to present their project Cotidianeidades Doméstico Productivas in Madrid. 

There Will be several special guests who include Aurora Justo, sociologist linked to public institutions and expert on issues of housing and urban development, Fernando Dominguez, a sociologist at the University of Cambridge, Matilde Córdoba Azcarate, urban anthropologist and Invisible Pedagogies, experimental group on new teaching methods. They are also invited those who participated in the interviews conducted during fieldwork, residents of Madrid who are displaying entrepreneur or productive projects of various kinds that they develop from their domestic spaces.

The event will take place on Thursday April 19th 2012 at 19:30 in Nave 16 Matadero Madrid. Access is free.


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