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School of Biology


Our mission

Rubén Henríquez
Ph.D. - Director, Master in Biotechnology Management

IE School of Biology recognises confidence, creativity and independence as the driving forces for academic potential and professionalism in the life sciences. We combine disciplines as diverse as chemistry, biogeography, risk management, ecology, genetic basis of diseases, molecular genetics, biotechnology and ethics to understand different components and dynamics of complex systems.

Our research bridges science, management and humanities, to untangle the real world and to close the loop between education, entrepreneurship, industry and research.

  • Our mission
  • Humanistic approach

    Humanistic approach

    We here at the School of Biology at IE University suggest effective solutions to the new challenges facing biology in the 21st century. Our biologists are not just scientists who work using the latest tools and research methods, rather thanks to their humanistic training and knowledge of management they are capable of integrating the individual into their activities. We here at IE University assume that man is not made for the environment, but that the environment is made for man. The goal is not to save nature from human actions but to conserve it so that people live better now and in the future. The biologists at IE University receive the best training to empower them to provide a useful, unique vision when solving the problems that companies, governments and institutions face when addressing the challenges of development.

  • Practical orientation

    Practical orientation

    Our degree in biology is practically oriented with the goal of training our students to work in institutions, companies and organizations. Practical training is not an add-on at IE University, rather it is the core of our working method.

    We ensure that students view the world as their professional playing field by offering exchange agreements with top international universities, working with cutting-edge companies and institutions in the fields of biotechnology and sustainability, and providing en situ experiences in the places with the highest biodiversity in the world.

    This practical vision aimed at providing solutions to the most serious problems facing society today makes the School of Biology at IE University the best training ground for preparing the biologists of the 21st century.

  • We train the type of biologists that companies need

    We train the type of biologists that companies need

    We suggest a model of biologist that goes beyond the competences that have traditionally defined the field. We make sure that our biologists receive systematic training aimed at managing biological processes, and that they are capable of leading and working on research, prevention, conservation and optimization teams.

    Their far-reaching vision, their knowledge of interconnections and their skill with state-of-the-art modeling tools mean that our program complements areas of professional competence that were traditionally ignored in biological training yet that are necessary for the professional profiles of today's new biologists.

Our campus

Madrid CampusMaría de Molina, 11. 28006 Madrid
Ph. +34 91 568 96 00
Stop motion Madrid campus tourSituation map of the Madrid Campus
Segovia Campus. Santa Cruz la RealCardenal Zúñiga, 12. 40003 Segovia
Ph. +34 921 412 410
Virtual TourSituation map of the Segovia Campus