Capea - Fund Raising Event for Grad Party
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Capea - Fund Raising Event for Grad Party

IE Social Club 13 de abril 2012
Disponible en Inglés/Español

The IE Social Club and the Commission for the Grad Party of the April intake would like to invite you to a Capea.

What is Capea?
A capea is essentially a non-lethal (NO BULLS ARE HURT) "baby bullfight".
We take you to a private Finca, with its own Plaza de Torros, situated 45 minutes from the city centre. This is where the young bulls (known as vaquillas) are trained and where the young star Matadors learn their craft. You will get to show off your prowess and skill in front of your mates and err a charging bull! But don't worry too much, its not fully grown -Yet! The whole process is a complete Spanish experience.


Tickets Price: 55 Euro (PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE)
Food & Drinks: Wine and Beers till sun-down. Open bar after.
Transportation: Bus, included in the price. Pick-up at library.
Clothing: Sneakers, bring a jacket for the night time, drinks for bus ride.


Buy tickets at: Maria De Molina 4 Cafeteria
28, 29 and 30 of March
10, 11 and 12 of April

11:00 -13:00, 14:00 - 16:00, 17:00 to 19:00.


For more information contact any of the following:
1) Daniela Vinatea -
2) Antonio "Tony" Sena -
4) Andrea Bermudez Rodriguez
5) Paloma Valdes -
6) Robert Gerritsen -
7) Akhil Sehgal -


Lugar Private Finca, Plaza de Torros 45 minutes away from Madrid
Fecha y Hora 13 de abril 2012 / 15:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés/Español
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