IE France Club Gathering On July 4: Enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Paris!
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IE France Club Gathering On July 4: Enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Paris!

IE France Club 04 de julio 2012
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We invite you to join us for our last gathering before summer in Paris

Hotel Novotel Vaugirard called us last night to inform us that our booking for the Terrasse was cancelled due to the privatisation of the hole Terrasse by a big French group; They proposed instead of the Terrasse with the nice view on Paris, the bar on the ground floor.


Considering the bad customer management they showed, we decided to change the location of July 4th to another premium place in Paris.


Wednesday July 4th gathering will be held:


- From 19h00 to 20h45 in the cafeteria in the gardens of Musée Rodin - 96 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris. It's definitly one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris. The entrance for the gardens is for 1 EUR only, and the cafeteria is behind the palace. The most beautiful sculptures of Rodin are exposed in the Gardens (Le Penseur, Les portes de l'enfer,...)


- Starting 21h00, we will continue for a drink in the nearby bistrot "Le Café du musée", 17 boulevard des Invalides, 75007 Paris.


As usual, you can contact us for confirmation and/or further information by mail: or by phone: +33647349390


We apologize for this last minute change, and we hope to chatting with you on Wednesday


Fecha y Hora 04 de julio 2012 / 19:00 Horas
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