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Quantify your business opportunity

IE Entrepreneurship Club Nov 21, 2012
Only available in English

Interested in understanding how to estimate business potential? Want to know how much you can sell?

Nitesh Mulchandani, (a specialist from Nielsen) will be conducting a session on understanding the volumetric potential of new start-ups. The focus of this session would be on understanding the Basic Building Blocks to generate volumes using a Bottom Up approach. He would be covering: 


- What are the variables, after creating the product, that one needs to think before entering the market?

- What elemenets are needed, to calcúlate volumes?

- How to calculate expected volumes (technical).

- Optimizing marketing plans and budget spends.

- What kind of data does one need to capture? How to effectively use it.

- What are the typical contents that one needs to communicate.


Nitesh has several years of experience with Nielsen BASES. He has been forecasting sales for FMCG majors in various categories across the globe and is a current IMBA student from the April 2012 intake.


This event is useful for all early stage (soon to be) entrepreneurs, as investors value your knowledge about the market you are addressing.



There is no need to sign up - just show up.

Venue SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time Nov 21, 2012 / 17:00 Horas
Language English
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