Pitch your entrepreneurial idea at ‘Pitch Your Peers’ night!
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Pitch your entrepreneurial idea at ‘Pitch Your Peers’ night!

IE Entrepreneurship Club Dec 05, 2012
Only available in English

If you are serious about being an entrepreneur, sooner or later you have to pitch the idea! So, why not start next Wednesday?

Come participate in “Pitch Your Peers”, an exclusive entrepreneurial pitching opportunity organized by ie Entrepreneurship Club.

We would like to have up to 5 individuals or groups to pitch their ideas to in a non-competitive fashion in a safe and friendly environment. Presenters will have 7 minutes to explain their customer’s “pain” and their business’ value proposition and potential business model. Each pitch will be followed by 5 - 10 minutes of direct feedback from the audience to help you further your idea and suggest improvements on the delivery. The event will be followed by informal networking afterwards at Do-Eat, Maria de Molina 18 for those who are interested in more in depth discussion.

Only presenters: please register to pitch by sending an email to tneidhardt.imba2013@student.ie.edu. Pre-event sign-up is mandatory and slots will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Don’t be concerned if your idea is still in early stage of development. Powerpoint presentations are encouraged but not mandatory.

Why Should I Pitch?

o   Practice makes perfect - try this before you try to convince your classmates in your Entrepreneurial Management course or Venture Lab

o   Share your ideas and get critical, constructive feedback

o   Network with other entrepreneurs to get the resources you need

o   You have nothing to lose!


All: Sign up via the IE Alumni Agenda to attend the event within the audience. Everybody is welcome, especially alumni and members of the faculty.

Why Should I Come? I’m not ready to pitch yet…

o   Understand what distinguishes a good from a perfect pitch

o   Talk to the people of your favorite idea about working with them

o   Exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs and support the club

Venue SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time Dec 05, 2012 / 18:00 Horas
Language English
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