Master Class Monterrey: “Los nuevos desafíos de la economía mundial.”
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Master Class Monterrey: “Los nuevos desafíos de la economía mundial.”

IE Guatemala Club 07 de junio 2012
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IE would like to invite you to our upcoming Master Class in Monterrey presented by Juan Carlos Martínez.



A full-time professor in the area of economy at Instituto de Empresa, Juan Carlos Martínez Lázaro has a profound working knowledge of world politics and economy. He collaborates regularly with major financial journals and media agents in Spain and abroad, such as Radio Intereconomía, the BBC and the Bloomberg agency. In his own words: “I have always liked to read the press and be informed about what is happening in any part of the world, maybe that’s why I enjoy analyzing the international political and economical situation.” His management skills and phenomenal capacity for organization have led him to different management positions at Instituto de Empresa, where he has been Director of Publications Department, Director of Planning and Operations, Associated Director of the MBA and Executive MBA programmes, and Associate Director of the Admissions Department. “At present I lead the Division of Corporative Development, the unit through which Instituto de Empresa focuses the formation it offers in companies' needs".


Martínez Lázaro is also an expert in the case method, a subject that he has been teaching for more than fifteen years. He assures that "In case method classes my purpose is to teach how to work with the methodology used in the main business schools in the world".


Juan Carlos holds a degree in economics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and an MBA from Instituto de Empresa. He has authored numerous publications on the analysis of international situations, country analysis and economic policies. He is also Executive editor of Revista de Empresa, an academic journal published by the Instituto de Empresa Foundation in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Academy of Management.


Academic Background

PhD student in Economic History, Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain)
MBA, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid (Spain)
BSc in Managerial Sciences, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Professional Background

Director-general of the Instituto de Empresa Corporative Division (2007 - present)
Director of Publications Department, Instituto de Empresa, (2001 - 2007)
Executive Director, Revista de Empresa (2002-2007)
Director of the Instituto de Empresa shop (2001-2007)
Director of Operations and Planning, Instituto de Empresa, (1997- 2000)
Associate Director of the Executive MBA Programme, Instituto de Empresa, (1995-1996)
Associate Director of the MBA Programme, Instituto de Empresa, (1993 – 1995)
Associate Director, Admissions Department, Instituto de Empresa (1991-1993)


Teaching And Research Experience

Professor of Economic Environment, Instituto de Empresa, (1992 - present)
Professor of Case Method and Management Skills, Instituto de Empresa (1992 - present)
Author of numerous publications and regular collaborator with a broad range of media agents

Lugar MÉXICO, Mexico DF
Fecha y Hora 07 de junio 2012 / 19:30 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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