Master Class. Islamic Finance: The business and the moral case for current and future business leaders.
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Master Class. Islamic Finance: The business and the moral case for current and future business leaders.

IE Italy Club 08 de noviembre 2012
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Learn with the best. IE offers you the possibility to learn at first-hand about the business vision and style of some of the most famous business people and professionals on the international stage. This is a unique opportunity to get a close-up look at the competitive world of top-class business through the eyes of those who have excelled in it.



Join us for this event on Islamic Finance! Our speakers will cover both the financial rationale behind the willingness to join the fray, and the importance of understanding a different cultural reality. Prof. Hayat will cover the story of Islamic Finance, the current debate over it in light of the current financial turmoil, and the opportunities it faces. Prof. De Anca will focus on how MBA or Masters in Finance or Management recent (and less recent) graduates can contribute to the development of this fast growing niche.


Usman Hayat will tell the story of Islamic Finance by sharing the perspectives of some of the leaders, academics and practitioners, in Islamic Finance and how elite news outlets are reporting on the sector. This story will tell you about the evolution of modern Islamic finance, the expectations and debates that surround it, and the challenges and opportunities it faces.


Celia de Anca will talk about the presence of Islamic Finance in the curricula of numerous business schools. There is a number of Business Schools that are introducing Islamic Finance in their curricula. For some it is a question of opening MBA students to different cultural realities, but for many it just makes business sense! Among the reasons MBA students find an increasing interest in the subject we can mention the fact that Islamic Finance industry is a niche in the market that is growing at a tremendous speed. The industry is still young and open to new innovations and therefore financial students can provide the innovation the industry needs. But also in the financial turmoil in which we live, MBA students need to contribute to the current world financial situation and a deeper understanding of some of the elements of Islamic Finance will help in shaping the debate on the new financial order.




Dr. Celia de Anca is currently the Director of the Centre for Diversity in Global Management at IE Business School. She was previously the Director of Corporate Programmes at the Euro-Arab Management School (EAMS), Granada. She has also worked for the Fundación Cooperación Internacional y Promoción Ibero-América Europa. (CIPIE) and at the International Division of Banco de Santander. She has a master's degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Boston), and from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She holds a degree and PhD from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, with a comparative thesis on Islamic, ethical/ecological investment funds and on the London Market.


Usman Hayat, CFA, FRM director of Islamic Finance and ESG at CFA Institute, where he focuses on Islamic finance and socially responsible investing. His work includes following the literature on these topics and the industry practice. He is on the technical panel of the Islamic Finance Qualification offered by the U.K. Securities and Investment Institute. He also holds a Diploma in Islamic Finance from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Mr. Hayat did his MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences and an MA in development economics from University of Sussex in the United Kingdom. He frequently writes and speaks about Islamic finance.


Lugar Piazza 4 Novembre, 7 Blend Tower Lounge, 11th floor
Fecha y Hora 08 de noviembre 2012 / 18:30 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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