The Giant Within: How to Build Organizational Growth

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The Giant Within: How to Build Organizational Growth

IE Belgium Club 02 de noviembre 2011
Sólo disponible en Inglés

The objective of this presentation is to introduce the basic elements of a program developed to help companies innovate, increasing their competitive advantage and their financial results. This method, created by the Pablo Martin de Holan at IE Business School, has already been implemented by medium and large multinational firms, and has allowed them to develop the creative potential of current employees by exploiting the latent opportunities that exist in every organization.

When it is done correctly, innovation (that is, doing things that are new to the organizations) can be free. By that we do not mean that a firm does not need to invest in innovation, rather, it means that the net results of a well-developed innovation program are positive in the medium and long term, and sometimes even in the short term. It pays off to invest in innovation, even if for most organizations innovation is a black hole that swallows every resource we dump into it.

During this presentation, Professor Martin de Holan will present the central elements of the method and the sequence of application, and show, with examples of past participants, how it can contribute to increased innovation in a systematic way.

Lugar BÉLGICA, Brussels
Fecha y Hora 02 de noviembre 2011 / 19:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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