StarCore Nuclear - Innovating Power Generation for Remote Locations
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StarCore Nuclear - Innovating Power Generation for Remote Locations

IE Energy Club 14 de mayo 2012
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The demand for energy is ever increasing, as petroleum reserves are decreasing, and long-term solutions are in short supply. Invariably economic pressure forces many nations toward the increased use of coal as an energy source, particularly those developing countries that lack the resources both natural and financial. But this generates even greater risks, both technically and environmentally. So any long-term energy solutions must be technically feasible and environmentally acceptable, i.e. it must be competitive, easily installed, have a low carbon footprint, and have long-term viability. In developing countries, where there is little or no power transmission and distribution infrastructure, the issues are even more pronounced, so those most in need are often neglected.

Speaker: David Dabney, CEO Starcore Nuclear Power LLC


The StarCore design is a small scale nuclear plant (Small Modular Reactor, SMR) that will fulfill local energy needs without requiring a large power transmission infrastructure; that will be certified as a single design and constructed constructed inexpensively and in increasing numbers on an assembly line; that is designed to be fully automated and completely fail-safe; that is leased to consumers in lieu of large scale financing; and controlled (from a use/lease compliance viewpoint) by StarCore through a world-wide, wireless, fail-safe, network.


StarCore CEO David Dabney will discuss the company, their strategy and their outlook for world energy markets in the future. For more information on StarCore, please visit

Lugar María de Molina, 4 E-010
ESPAÑA, Madrid
Fecha y Hora 14 de mayo 2012 / 19:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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