One step closer to private equity
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One step closer to private equity

IE Venture Capital and Private Equity Club 21 de junio 2012
Sólo disponible en Inglés

This event aims to help students get a better knowledge of private equity industry in Southern Europe and to gain an overview of the market dynamics in other markets.

The guest speaker will provide his view on the key challenges that currently PE are facing and of the strategy that are being implemented lately to overcome them.


This event will be concluded by a Q&A session focused also on providing tips to students on how to approach the PE companies when looking for a Job, and being more prepared for potential interviews, given the higher knowledge of the industry.


The main topics will be:


- Current market situation in Southern Europe
- Main issues for private Equity firms and how they are dealing with them
- Overview of other markets


Fernando Elio Dolz de Espejo


Investment Director ProA Capital


Mr. Elío is founding shareholder and member of the Investment Committee of ProA Capital de Inversiones SGECR, SA.


Prior to founding ProA Capital, Mr. Elío worked at Nmás1 Private Equity, where he was an Associate. Prior to joining Nmás1, Mr. Elío worked at Nazca Private Equity as senior analyst. While at Nazca, he participated in various middle market buy-outs. Previously he worked at ABN AMRO in the corporate finance department and at the fund management arm of Banco Espírito Santo. Before his departure from Nmas1, Mr. Elío was on the Board of Directors at Serventa and Bodybell.


Mr. Elío received a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration by CUNEF in Madrid. He speaks Spanish,English and French.

Lugar María de Molina, 4 E-010
ESPAÑA, Madrid
Fecha y Hora 21 de junio 2012 / 19:30 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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