Solar Thermal Energy: Viable solution for cold climates
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Solar Thermal Energy: Viable solution for cold climates

IE Israel Club, IE Energy Club Nov 05, 2012
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Did you know that over 40% of the total end use of energy in most developed countries goes toward water heating for sanitary needs and towards space heating? Could it be that instead of producing more “green” electricity, we should come up with cleaner ways to generate and retain heat? Are you interested in renewable energy, innovative ideas or entrepreneurship?

Zvika Klier, CEO of TIGI, will introduce the Honeycomb Collector: a new breed of solar-thermal (water heating) collectors that turns sunlight into heat.


His presentation will discuss the unique technology, the various applications, and the economic value of producing heat using Honeycomb Collectors. The presentation will be part lecture and part Q&A. TIGI solar has recently received many accolades for their innovate business including: Winner of interSolar award 2012, Techtour's 25 selected companies, and Global Cleantech's 100 Companies list. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about developing and running a a green company.

Venue IE Business School, María de Molina, 4, E-012
SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time Nov 05, 2012 / 19:00 Horas
Language English
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