How to be headhunted in a LinkedIn world with John Purkiss
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How to be headhunted in a LinkedIn world with John Purkiss

28 de junio 2012
Sólo disponible en Inglés

Many senior roles especially in public companies are filled by executive search rather than open advertising.  Those targeting these positions need to understand how headhunters work and how social media like LinkedIn may be changing this.

This webinar with John Purkiss, partner at Veni Partners (responsible for board-level recruitment) and author of How to Be Headhunted and Brand You explains:

  • How headhunters create shortlists and where they look for candidates
  • How headhunters read CVs and online profiles and what they are hoping to find
  • How they evaluate candidates before, during and after face-to-face meetings
  • What they like and dislike
  • How headhunters check whether you are telling the truth
  • How you can get yourself eliminated from a shortlist, or moved to the top
  • How headhunters now use social media (esp. LinkedIn)
  • How to make your CV and online profile “headhunter friendly”


All attendees will receive the meeting sides, a recording and podcast and a resources pack.  A full refund-on-demand is available to IE alumni.

Fecha y Hora 28 de junio 2012 / 18:30 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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