Master Class. A battle in the Spanish Soccer League: Two brands (Real Madrid and FC Barcelona) against the rest .
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Master Class. A battle in the Spanish Soccer League: Two brands (Real Madrid and FC Barcelona) against the rest .

12 de noviembre 2012
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IE would like to invite you to our upcoming Master Class in Bucharest.

You will have the opportunity to experience what a real class at IE is like and discuss ideas on a current topic. You will see the difference between traditional teaching methodologies and the methods used by the best schools in the world, based on real cases, team work and interactive study. Participants will also receive an introduction to the school and its programs and they will be able to directly ask our regional representatives any questions they may have.

About the event

The Spanish Soccer League (La Liga) has been able to draw the world's most talented players and is arguably the most competitive national league globally. Because of the evolution of the sport and the general soccer competitiveness, constantly changing revenue streams and evolving structures and regulations, La Liga and its clubs here have been forced to continually adapt their business models and management practices to maintain their leadership positions. However while two Spanish clubs in particular, Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona, have been able to maintain their supremacy both on the field and financially, many other Spanish clubs are finding it very difficult to make their franchises financially viable. Solutions need to be explored in order for the Spanish league, also known as the Liga, to survive over the long term.

About the speaker    


Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli.

PhD in Sports Management and Marketing Professor at IE    

The three years he spent working as marketing manager for the Basketball Section at Real Madrid, Europe's most successful football club, had a profound effect on Eduardo Fernández-Cantelli's thinking as a marketing professor and teacher of the Sports Marketing Elective at IE. Prof Fernández-Cantelli believes that his work on sports marketing has broader implications for the corporate world. "I bring insights into sports marketing, sponsorships and promotions," he says. "But these areas are certainly applicable to other areas of business."

Lugar RUMANIA, Bucharest
Fecha y Hora 12 de noviembre 2012 / 19:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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