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IE Entrepreneurship Club Feb 22, 2012
Only available in English

Entrepreneurship club is starting its venture forum for this year

What is V-Forum:
venture forum is where startups pitch their idea before fellow students & professionals to seek feed back, contacts, team members and any other support they may need. It was a grand success last year as a great platform to network with fellow entrepreneurs. We plan to organize this every Wednesday during the same time when school is in session.

Meet Camilo López de Felipe, CEO and founder of to discover what works today in the field of sports based social networking.

Timpik: Spain’s first social network for your sport life. It connects players that live in the same city to organize games easily and in straightforward way.

Sonia Ziadi, Founder of Shared Secrets.
Shared Secrets is the place to find what you don't even know exists... a mobile and web platform to share and discover places, experiences, recipes, books, music... these special recommendations you could only know about if someone told you...

Jonathan Levy and Tyler Maglione, Founders of Invoost.
Invoost created the first online stock trading competition where users can place wagers against one another based on their financial predictions and benefit monetarily.

Venue María de Molina, 2, F-101
Date & Time Feb 22, 2012 / 18:00 Horas
Language English
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