An ideal manager. Why he does not exist, and what to do if you have to be the one?
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An ideal manager. Why he does not exist, and what to do if you have to be the one?

Oct 18, 2012
Only available in English

A short overview of management roles and styles according to the theory of Ichak Adizes ( This simple leadership concept is not a part of IE MBA curriculum, but it can help you understand your own management style, how you fit into your current or potential role at work and how to deal with others, who have totally annoying leadership styles. The knowledge does help to communicate with your boss, colleagues, subordinates, your significant other and many more people who can make or destroy your days.

The questions that will be answered during the session are:


- 4 functions of an organization and their incompetibility
- 4 management roles
- Interaction of people with different management styles
- Conflict of styles. What is a constructure conflict and why it is good.
- An ideal manager (concept)
- A good manager (not ideal) – 9 important characteristics
- How to define your managerial style? How to correct it?
- How to effectively communicate with the representatives of different styles?
- Why people hate meetings?
- Fit between management styles and roles in an organization
- Dependence between necessary style and transformational stage of a company (corporate lifecycle concept)


In order not to put everyone to sleep after a tough day at work/school by talking, some fun videos will be shown.


The session is delivered by Irina Polovneva (IE Country Representative for Russia and Ukraine. Irina is certified to teach the Adizes Methodology for “Mastering Change” and “The Roles and Styles of Management by Adizes Academy of Management, Santa Barbara, CA). LinkedIn profile:

Venue SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time Oct 18, 2012 / 18:30 Horas
Language English
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