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Fitting the control parameters of a genetic algorithm: an application to technical trading systems design 11/07/2006
Venture capital investment strategy and portfolio failure rate: A longitudinal study. 26/01/2006
Coordinating Product design, process design and Supply chain Decision. Part B 11/07/2005
TQM across Multiple Countries: Convergence Hypothesis versus National Specificity Arguments 11/07/2005
The new road to the top 11/07/2005
Revealing your secrets: Accountability in the Newspaper Industry 11/07/2005
The dominance of diversified vs. Specialized firms across industries 11/07/2005
Human Capital Theory & Venture Capital Firms: Exploring `home runs´ and `strike outs 08/07/2005
Mecca-Cola: message in a bottle 19/10/2004
El Coste de la Muerte 07/09/2004
The Double Punch of Law and Technology: Fighting Music Piracy or Remaking Copyright in a Digital Age? 08/07/2004
Managing Organizational Forgetting. 16/02/2004
Remebrance of things past? The Dynamics of Organizational Forgetting. 16/02/2004
Inteligencia Política. Editorial Prentice-Hall/Financial Times. Pearson Education. 16/02/2003
Perceived Trustworthiness within the Organization: The Moderating Impact of Communication Frequency on Trustor and Trustee Effects. 16/02/2003
Crea tu Propia Empresa. Editorial Mc Graw Hill 16/02/2003
The transformation into Entrepreneurial Firms: Examining the Context of Privatization. 16/02/2003
Governance choices for corporate social responsibility: To contribute, collaborate, or internalise? 16/02/2003
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IE Business School awards the first José María Cervelló-Gutiérrez de la Roza Abogados prize to Daniel Rodríguez
Madrid, July 2007. Daniel Rodriguez is a practising lawyer who holds a doctorate in law and membership in the Asturian Academy of Jurisprudence
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