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Distribution plays a key role in the economic system given that the effectiveness of the entire system depends on it, as does the perception of consumers and producers.

Some data on the distribution sector are a clear indication its importance in the national economy:

-13% of GNP
-Annual turnover: €120,800 million approx
-Number of retail establishments: 620,000
-2nd largest sector, after industry.
-Manufacturers employ 16.4% of Spain’s total active population

Distribution is going through massive changes worldwide. These changes started in the fifties, resulting in a highly developed sector that looks set to continue undergoing constant innovation in the future.

Distribution has long been considered by most universities and business schools as just another variable in the marketing mix, viewing it from the manufacturer’s perspective.

Structural changes and new system models have forced them to modify this point of view in such a way that the distribution process is now seen as a business in itself.

Distribution policy is increasingly seen as a tool of enormous strategic value, which, if ineffective, can block the implementation of a successful sales plan.

Mission and Objectives

To provide a permanent forum for information, training and research in the field of Distribution, within the academic infrastructure and Instituto de Empresa’s capacity for innovation.

Origin and development

The Centre was created in 1997, the result of an initiative of the Instituto de Empresa Management College and the Centre’s Director, Fernando Sánchez Suarez. The aim was to collaborate with and lend support to professionals and directors, by providing an extensive range of training alternatives with a global scope of corporate management.

It was created as a special business unit designed to provide a response to the challenges facing different distribution channels in the field of the corporate relations involved in production and distribution.

Executive education through open programs related to marketing and sales management in general, with a marked emphasis on distribution channels.

Tailored and in-company programs for the professional development of directors Applied research projects Tutoring and coordination of sector-specific studies on distribution.

Added Value

Extension and diversification of training-information offerings to the academic and corporate world.

Training from a dynamic business unit that forms part of IE, and is dedicated to the research, study, development and implementation of activities related to strategic marketing management in terms of distribution policy.

This Instituto de Empresa initiative aims to foster innovation in the field of production and distribution, as seen from a global and multi-sectorial viewpoint, the basic objective being to place a permanent forum of information and research at the disposal of the players that make up the different distribution channels. Negotiation and Mediation Centre.

Prof. Fernando Sánchez Suarez

Belén Sandoval Rodríguez
Associate Director

Ana Sánchez
Adjunct Director of Corporate Development and of the Innova Centre for Production/Distribution

Serrano, 118 Bajo Derecha
28006 Madrid.
Tel: +34 91 782 00 40
Fax: +34 91 564 07 11
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