MBA Honoris Causa

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MBA Honoris Causa

La Asociación de Alumnos concede de manera extraordinaria el título MBA Honoris Causa a personalidades del mundo empresarial e institucional que contribuyen al progreso de la sociedad global e impulsan el desarrollo de relaciones efectivas entre la teoría y la práctica profesional.
William Gates
William Gate

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (June 1991).
Harvard University Graduate.
Place of residence: Seattle (Washington) USA.
Founder and President of MICROSOFT, a leading computer software company.
The company was founded in 1975 with 5 employees and currently employs almost 8000 workers.
MICROSOFT's products (Basic, MS-DOS and Windows, etc.) have brought fundamental progress by making PCs accessible not only for experts, but also for users.
Interests: cars, reading and tennis.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Luciano Benetton
Luciano Benetton

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (June 1992).
Place of residence: Milan (Italy).
He is the founder of the trading company "FRATELLI BENETTON", together with his brothers Gilberto and Carlo and his sister Giuliana. The company creates and distributes casual clothing. It currently trades in more than 100 countries across the world under the commercial brand name of United Colors of Benetton.
Mr Benetton sits on the Board of Directors of EDIZIONE HOLDING, the financial holding company owned by the family. He is also Vice-President of the Benetton Group and a member of the Board of Confindustria, a prestigious Italian business organisation. He was elected Senator of the Republic in the 1992 elections.
Interests: his four children.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Reuben Mark
Reuben Mark

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (November 1992).
Harvard Business School Graduate.
Place of residence: New York (USA).
Mr Mark started his professional career when he was a recent graduate at COLGATE in 1963. After holding various positions in the company, he was appointed Managing Director in 1984 and Chairman of the Board in 1986.
He is also President of New York's Youth Employment and Education Committee. Reuben Mark directs and takes part in various local and national education-related organisations.
The company COLGATE-PALMOLIVE has completed a number of projects designed to connect the world of business with teaching.
It also sponsors a number of schools for young people and for the mentally handicapped.
Interests: sports, reading and music.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Carl H. Hahn
Carl H Hahn

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (1993)
Born in Chemnitz (Germany) in 1926, he studied Business Administration at the universities of Cologne and Zürich, as well as Economics at the University of Bristol.
He began his professional career in Paris as a director at the European Productivity Agency of the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC).
In 1954, he was appointed Director of Exports at Volkswagenwerk GmbH. Between 1959 and 1964, he worked as Managing Director of Volkswagen America and was later appointed to the Board of Directors of Volkswagenwerk A.G., assuming responsibility for the company's world sales. After several subsequent promotions, he became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Volkswagen in 1981. He retired in 1992 and was appointed member of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen.
Among his many activities, Dr Hahn is also a member of the "Präsidium" of the German Industry Confederation and Consultancy Committee for Foreign Trade of the German Ministry of the Economy. He has been granted honorary doctorates by various German and American universities and has been given many awards in a variety of countries.
He is married and has four children.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Michael Treschow
Michael Treschow

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (October 1996).
Master of Science, Lund Institute of Technology.
Born in Sweden in 1943, Mr Treschow assumed the presidency of Atlas Copco in 1991 when the group was facing one of the worst recessions of its history. Over a period of five years, he restructured the organisation and increased sales by 70%, upping profits by 200%.
Besides his position as President of Atlas Copco, Mr Treschow is also President of the Swedish Trade Council, member of the Board of Directors of the Parker Hannifin Corporation of the United States, member of the Executive Board of the Center for Business and Policy Studies, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Saab Automobile and member of the Board of Directors of SKF, among others.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Jacques Santer
Jacques Santer

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (March 1998).
Doctor of Law, University of Paris and graduate in Political Sciences, Institute of Political Studies of Paris.
Born in Wasserbillig (Luxembourg) in 1937. Place of residence: Brussels (Belgium). Until 1972, he developed his professional career in different governmental departments in his country and, after said year, he began his political career as Secretary of State for Culture and Social Affairs. In 1984, he became President of the Government and assumed the positions of Prime Minister, Minister for the Treasury and Minister for Culture until 1995.
In 1995, he was appointed to his current post as President of the European Commission.
During his career, he has held simultaneous positions as Governor of the World Bank, President of the European People’s Party, Governor of the International Monetary Fund, Governor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and President of the European Council.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Romano Prodi
Romano Prodi

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (February 2002).
Graduate in Law, Catholic University of Milan; he completed third-cycle studies at the London School of Economics.
Born in Scandiano (Italy) in 1939.
Between 1963 and 1999, he developed his teaching career at the University of Bologna as an Associate Lecturer in Political Economics from 1963 to 1971 and as Professor of Industrial Politics and Organisation between 1971 and 1999. Between 1963 and 1964, he worked as a Researcher at the Lombardy Institute of Economic and Social Studies and, in 1968, as a Researcher at the Stanford Research Institute. Between 1973 and 1974, he was also Professor of Economic Theory and Industrial Politics at the Free University of Trento. In 1974, he worked as a guest professor at Harvard University.
In 1995, he was appointed to his current post as President of the European Commission.
His political career began in Italy in 1978 as Minister for Industry. Between 1982 and 1989, he was President of the Institute for Industrial Reconstruction, a post to which he returned between 1993 and 1994. In 1995, he was appointed as President of the Centre-Left Coalition known as "El Olivo" and, from 1996 to 1999, he was a Member of Parliament. Between 1996 and 1998, he assumed the position of President of the Council of Ministers of Italy and he has held the post of President of the European Commission since 1999.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Laszlo Kapolyi
Laszlo Kapolyi

MBA Honoris Causa, Instituto de Empresa (July 2002)
Diploma in Civil Engineering, Technical University of Budapest; Mining Engineer, University of Heavy Industry of Miskolc; and Economist, University of Economics of Budapest.
He was Secretary of State for Energy and then Minister for Industry of Hungary between 1983 and 1987. He has also worked as the Commissioner for Energy Policy of the Hungarian government and President of the Board of Advisers of the Council of Ministers. Dr Kapolyi is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of the Committee of the Academy of Veszprem, honorary member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Visiting Professor of the University of Krakow. He also holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Heavy Industry of Miskolc and the University of Mining of Moscow.
In 1995, he was appointed to his current post as President of the European Commission.
In politics, Dr Kapolyi is leader of the Hungarian Social Democrat Party and has been a member of the country's parliament since 2002. His business activities focus on System Consulting plc, where he is Chairman of the Board.
Since 1998, he has also been a member of the International Advisory Board of Instituto de Empresa.
* Information correct when the award was given.

Larry Page
Larry Page

MBA Honoris Causa by Instituto de Empresa (Sept 2003)
Larry Page (30) was Google's founding CEO and grew the company to more than 200 employees and profitability before moving into his role as president, Products in April 2001. He continues to share responsibility for Google's day-to-day operations with Eric Schmidt and Sergey Brin.
The son of Michigan State University computer science professor Dr. Carl Victor Page, Page's love of computers began at age six. While following in his father's footsteps in academics, Page became an honors graduate from cross-state rival the University of Michigan, where he earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering, with a concentration on computer engineering. During his time in Ann Arbor, Page received numerous leadership awards for his efforts toward improving the College of Engineering, served as president of the University's Eta Kappa Nu Honor Society and built a programmable plotter and inkjet printer out of Lego™.
While in the Ph.D program in computer science at Stanford University, Page met Sergey Brin and together they developed and ran Google, which began operating in 1998. Page went on leave from Stanford after earning his master's degree. Prior to Google, Page was a software developer at Advanced Management Systems in Washington, D.C., and CogniTek in Evanston, Ill.
Page has discussed business and technology on nationally broadcast programs including CNNfn and the Charlie Rose Show and as a speaker at numerous national and international forums, including the Churchill Club, The Wall Street Journal Technology Summit, the Commonwealth Club, Technologic Partners and PC Forum. He is a member of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) for the University of Michigan College of Engineering and in 2002, was named a "Young Innovator Who Will Create the Future" by MIT's Technology Review magazine and a World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow. Page has also been recognized as Research and Development Magazine's Innovator of the Year and was the first recipient of the University of Michigan Alumni Society Recent Engineering Graduate Award.

Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin

MBA Honoris Causa by Instituto de Empresa (Sept 2003)
Sergey Brin (30), a native of Moscow, received a bachelor of science degree with honors in mathematics and computer science from the University of Maryland at College Park. He is currently on leave from the Ph.D. program in computer science at Stanford University, where he received his master's degree. Brin is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. It was at Stanford where he met Larry Page and worked on the project that became Google. Together they founded Google Inc. in 1998, and Brin continues to share responsibility for day-to-day operations with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.
Brin's research interests include search engines, information extraction from unstructured sources, and data mining of large text collections and scientific data. He has published more than a dozen academic papers, including Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web; Dynamic Data Mining: A New Architecture for Data with High Dimensionality, which he published with Larry Page; Scalable Techniques for Mining Casual Structures; Dynamic Itemset Counting and Implication Rules for Market Basket Data; and Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Correlations.
Brin has been a featured speaker at several national and international academic, business and technology forums, including the Academy of American Achievement; European Technology Forum; Technology, Entertainment and Design; and Silicon Alley 2001. He has shared his views on the technology industry and the future of search on the Charlie Rose Show, the ABC Nightly News, CNBC, and CNNfn as well as in numerous newspaper articles. Brin was named a "Young Innovator Who Will Create the Future" by MIT's Technology Review magazine in 2002.

Craig R. Barrett
Craig R Barrett

Chief Executive Officer
After completing his studies in 1964, he joined the Department of Material Sciences and Engineering of the University of Standford, leaving his position as Assistant Professor at the university in 1974.
Craig R. Barrett was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by NATO at the National Physics Laboratory in England, where he worked in 1964 and 1965. In 1972, he moved to the Danish Technical University (Denmark) after achieving a Fulbright fellowship.
In 1974, Craig R. Barrett joined Intel Corporation as Director of Technological Development. In 1984, he was appointed Vice-President of the corporation; in 1987, Senior Vice-President; and, in 1990, Executive Vice-President.
Two years later, he became a member of the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation and, in 1993, he was appointed as the company's Chief Operating Officer. In May 1997, Craig R. Barrett became Intel's fourth president and, one year later, its Chief Executive Officer.
Mr Barret has written more than 40 technical reports and articles on the influence of microstructure on the properties of materials and a textbook on the science of materials titled The Principles of Engineering Materials.
He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Intel Corporation, the Semiconductor Industry Association of the United States, the National Forest Foundation, Achieve and the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group. He belongs to the National Academy of Engineering, shares the presidency of the Business Coalition for Excellence in Education and is Executive President of the Computer Systems Policy Project.
* Information correct when the award was given.

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