Master Class. Rescuing the euro: elements for a foundation of a sustainable monetary union in Europe

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Master Class. Rescuing the euro: elements for a foundation of a sustainable monetary union in Europe

IE Italy Club 05 de noviembre 2012
Sólo disponible en Inglés

You will have the opportunity to experience what a real class at IE is like and discuss ideas on a current topic. You will see the difference between traditional teaching methodologies and the methods used by the best schools in the world, based on real cases, team work and interactive study. Participants will also receive an introduction to the school and its programs and they will be able to directly ask our regional representatives any questions they may have.


The euro is dead. Long live the euro! There is no doubt that today the time has come that defines the future. We Europeans have lived in complacency for too many years. In part this has been justified because the euro actually gave us ten years of spectacular economic growth, financial and price stability, and even better social and regional cohesion in Europe. But it has also revealed the extent of our ignorance. Let's explore with prof. Fernandez the elements for a foundation of a sustainable monetary union in Europe.






Professor of Economics, IE Business School


Independent International Consultant. Managing Director Pividal Consultores. A business consultancy specialized on financial sector issues and private sector development. Besides Spain he has worked in Armenia, DR Congo, Colombia, Vietnam, etc.) Economic and Political Analyst in major media networks in Spain. He has published several books and delivered many conferences. He has been Rector, and Santander Full Professor in International Business at Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, Madrid (2005-2009). Rector Universidad Europea de Madrid (2002-2005). Chief Economist and Head of Research (1996-2002), Banco Santander. Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund, Western Hemisphere Department (1991-1996).

Lugar Piazza 4 Novembre, 7 Blend Tower Lounge, 11th floor
ITALIA, Milano
Fecha y Hora 05 de noviembre 2012 / 21:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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