Peer-to-peer: Investment banking careers - How to position yourself.
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Peer-to-peer: Investment banking careers - How to position yourself.

IE Finance Club 05 de diciembre 2012
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Your peers are your greatest resources. We've heard it time and time again, but have we really taken advantage of the power of "Peer-to-Peer"?

In an effort to create a space where we can share our collective wealth of experiences and expertise - just in time for the looming investment banking INTERNSHIP deadlines - The IE Finance Club is organizing an informal, discussion and Q&A that seeks to answer the following:


  • What are the myriad functions and divisions of an investment bank?
  • What personality traits and characteristics are valued in each function/division? How do I decide which to choose?
  • How can I position myself - in a CV or overall job-search strategy - for a career in this field?


Our P2P panel of experts include:


Prospective student in talk.


Virgil Esguerra (6 years global markets/trading floor experience as a macro-analyst in a sell-side investment bank).


**Please message us, if you would like to join in as another expert.


Hope you can join us!

Lugar ESPAÑA, Madrid
Fecha y Hora 05 de diciembre 2012 / 15:30 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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