Visit to the Renault plant
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Visit to the Renault plant

IE Automotive Industry Club Nov 25, 2011
Available in English/Spanish

Automobiles are one of those fascinating machines, where most of the engineering disciplines come into harmony. Meanwhile, the automotive industry is one of the pioneers in the field of operations, ranging from streamlining production processes to managing inventories.

From the IE Automotive Club, we are arranging a visit to Renault's engine manufacturing Valladolid plant, where we can have a look at how operations are put in practice. The Valladolid plant is one of Renault's oldest plants in Spain, which started production in 1953. Moreover, we will be accompanied by two veterans of the automotive industry - Mr. Ricardo Conesa ( The program director of Automotive management at IE and the president of the club) and Mr. Juan A. Moral (Ex-CEO and Chairman of Renault's Spanish Subsidiary).


Moreover, Mr. Juan A. Moral will speak about the future trends of the auto industry, the new emerging technologies in the industry and the pros & cons of electric vehicles vs. internal combustion vehicles. Students can discuss their queries and ideas about the industry with him


After the presentation, we can continue our discussions with Mr. Juan A. Moral and Mr. Ricardo Conesa over lunch.

Date & Time Nov 25, 2011 / 11:00 Horas
Language English/Spanish
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