My Life as a PE Intern
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My Life as a PE Intern

IE Venture Capital and Private Equity Club May 04, 2012
Only available in English

Interested in pursuing a career in private equity? Looking for an internship in a private equity firm?

Please join the IE Venture Capital & Private Equity Club for a chat with two IMBA's from the April 2011 intake who held internships at private equity firms. Securing an internship at a PE firm is never easy, even when the economy is good. However, Gary Gasbarri and Partha Chakraborty managed to do so and are more than willing to share their experience, insight, and advice.


Gary Gasbarri –
MBA with 9+ years background of managing M&A and Business Development transactions, end−to−end with experience of deal origination, execution and negotiation of buy−side, sell−side and other complex transactions.




Partha Chakraborty –
MBA with 6+ years in technology and consulting


Reliance Capital Asset Management S.A. –

Venue SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time May 04, 2012 / 16:30 Horas
Language English
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