Fuel efficiency and energy savings in the shipping industry

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Fuel efficiency and energy savings in the shipping industry

IE Energy Club Oct 11, 2011
Only available in English

August David Dabney, IMBA Student, will talk about Maersk Line fuel efficiency and energy savings in the shipping industry.

Over the past decade shipping industry has been facing immense pressure due to rising fuel prices. Many companies reacted by increasing freight rates while few looked inwards and tried to make the ships fuel-efficient. Maersk Line has been in the forefront to achieve best fuel efficiency figures. The focus of R&D was put onto recovering wasted energies. Prime source for such recovery was from waste heat emitted. Many such innovations have lead to astounding efficiency figures and more is being done to better the figures. Maersk is launching the largest container ship in the world, with many such innovative solutions. This ship can truly define the future of shipping.

Venue María de Molina 4 E-012
Date & Time Oct 11, 2011 / 16:00 Horas
Language English
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