Tech jobs CV reviewing and networking session
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Tech jobs CV reviewing and networking session

IE Technology and Innovation Club Oct 25, 2012
Only available in English

One of the goals of IE Technology and Innovation Club is to improve their members' chances of getting their dream job after IE.

In order to do so, we are having this session where we all together will pursue two objectives:


1. To polish our CVs with the help of everybody attending the meeting and with the insight given by one expert from CMC.
2. To know better each others interests so that we can refer positions to other club members or refer members to positions.


Don't forget to bring a copy of your CV in PDF and several print copies.


Come to meet all the other Tech oriented people at IE. We'll be waiting to see you there.

Venue María de Molina, 31 MM-402
SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time Oct 25, 2012 / 16:30 Horas
Language English
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