MASTER CLASS: A Change Perspective: “Positive Leadership & Life Transitions”
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MASTER CLASS: A Change Perspective: “Positive Leadership & Life Transitions”

18 de junio 2012
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Whilst thinking, participating and coming up with ideas related to current issues, you will also be able to experience what a real class is like in an IE program and understand the difference between traditional teaching methodologies and the methods used by the world’s top schools. These methods are based on real case studies, team work, and situations where the student is the protagonist.


A Change Management focused session based on “Positive Leadership” principles and Clendenin’s experiences with Xerox Corporation (Business), The United States Marine Corps (Military), and as an international athlete (Sports). The session presents the myriad personal challenges of “Intrapreneural” leadership in managing global internal business customers, keeping up with technology across one’s business career and finding ways to successfully compete in the changing world of the 21st Century. The session concludes with steps for personal, family, financial, and professional success.


Professor Clendenin is featured in the May 2012 Harvard Business Review article: “Make your Enemies your Allies”.



Professor Clendenin has addressed thousands of people internationally while public speaking, delivering conference keynotes and developing workshops for business professionals, International Organizations and Governments. The first half of John's life included serving 38 years in the United States Marine Corps, international athletic competition, coaching as a sports psychologist for the 1984 Olympic team and running for the U.S. Congress. John retired as an executive at Xerox Corporation in 1998 and joined the Senior Faculty at Harvard Business School. He currently teaches on-line courses as a Distinguished Visiting Professor for IE Business School where he is also Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Programs of IE University. His research work involves the development of Global leadership traits and principles for effective multicultural change. John is the founder of Inner Circle Logistics and the Supply Chain Centers of Regional Excellence (SCCORE). The company is focused on complex Systems of Systems (SoS) interoperability in trade facilitation and Electronic Health Records (EHR). He was first selected for listing in Who’s Who in the World in 1995 and in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering in 1998. He was also awarded a U.S. Business Process Patent in 2006.


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Fecha y Hora 18 de junio 2012 / 19:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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