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Entrepreneurship @ IE

Oct 13, 2012
Only available in English

Ready to be an entrepreneur? Join this session with Paris de L´Etraz

IE Business School is consistently recognized as a leading institution in the field of Entrepreneurship. The facts that IE was created by entrepreneurs and that 15-20% of our graduates are entrepreneurs definitely are not enough to gain this recognition. IE Entrepreneurship Professor and Director of the IE Venture Lab, Paris de L’Etraz, will engage you in a presentation to learn:

-              how we create an entrepreneurial mindset
-              why all our management students have to write a business plan
-              how the Venture Lab helps you to get exposure to investors around the globe
-              that entrepreneurship is not only for people setting up their own business
-              what happens in the AREA 31 on a daily basis

Venue Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Date & Time Oct 13, 2012 / 09:30 Horas
Language English
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