IE Master Class in Abu Dhabi: Think like an entrepreneur
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IE Master Class in Abu Dhabi: Think like an entrepreneur

Feb 28, 2012
Only available in English

IE Master Class in Abu Dhabi with Paris de l'Etraz.

In today's challenging economic environment, even if you are not running your own company, old rules and behaviours do not apply anymore. Living in an uncertain world, higher levels of certainty cannot be created by generating more information, being obsessed with objectivity and the sacredness of numbers. It’s in fact open-mindedness that is critical to face uncertainty and understanding the complexity of globalization and new business models in order to create sustainable corporations in the long-term.

"Think like an entrepreneur" is the topic of the IE Masterclass conducted by Prof. Dr. Paris de l'Etraz, professor of Entrepreneurship and Dean of Blended Programs. The session will explain why dealing with uncertainty, ability to experiment and to express yourself well are skills that are critical today for all business people.

PARIS DE L'ETRAZ has spent over 20 years in investment banking and venture capital, mainly at UBS Bank and ABN AMRO. Since 2005, he has continued to be in the business of either raising funds, setting up new companies, selling or buying companies through his group Amazing Lab. He has a keen interest for what makes an entrepreneur and what he/she needs to succeed. In particular he has focused on venture capital, digital marketing, sports management, renewable energy and new technology industries.

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Date & Time Feb 28, 2012 / 19:00 Horas
Language English
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