LGBT@Work 6th Edition
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LGBT@Work 6th Edition

22 de noviembre 2012
Disponible en Inglés/Español

A new edition of LGBT @ WORK! Once Again, with the support of IBM, IEOut is proud to share the best LGBT inclusion practices at the workplace and in University.


A new edition of LGBT @ WORK! Once Again, with the support of IBM, IEOut is proud to share the best LGBT inclusion practices at the workplace and in University.


As usual, the event will be forecasted online to make it accessible to everyone, everywhere, even from inside the closet!


This year we are focusing on careers, ANA HERRANZ, Director of IE Career Education, will present the best strategies to find the job you want and how to improve your career potential, even in the most difficult of moments. We will share special tips to improve opportunities from outside the closet, it is a challenge but there are also many chances to be taken!


MARÍA JESÚS MÉNDEZ will make a presentation about "Notes on lesbian market" a study by Mirales, covering the following points:


- The stereotypes which have made the lesbian woman invisible as market niche.
- Mirales Consulting: short presentation of our work
- Facts, figures and some study results: Lesbians in the world of sports, cosmetics and travel.


We will review success cases about how to implement LGBT niche in businesses, the barriers and challenges as well as the competitive advantages. (Mr. Rdson Hato - Phillip Morris.)


Some professionals, who are out of the closet, will give testimonies about their experiences:  MARIA PACHON MONGE will share her experience at the Spanish Army.


As usual there will be a networking cocktail after the event to enhance professional opportunities


Here you are the  agenda for the event:

6:00 pm Opening

6:20 pm Career opportunities from outside the closet (english) - Ana Herranz
6:40 pm LGBT Insights (english)- Mr. Edson hato, Phillip Morris International
7:00 pm Notes on the Lesbian Market (spanish)- Maria Jesús Méndez
7:20 pm LGBT in the Spanish Army (spanish)- María Pachón Monge

7:40 pm Q&A
8:00 pm Networking Cocktail


ANA HERRANZ-Director of Career Education


Responsible for designing and organizing all career-related contents in the Master programs curricula to help students map the most appropriate strategy for their career and to equip them with up-to-the-minute techniques to be used in selection processes.

Career Advisor for Executive MBA students and Alumni. She has over 15 years experience in multifunctional positions, mainly at DHL, such as Billing Manager, Controller and Business Development Manager.


Strong academic background holding a Law degree from the University of Alcalá de Henares, International MBA, Executive Master in Human Resources and Advanced Management Program at IE Business School.




Head Global Sourcing Phillip Morris International Management SA


Edson graduated with a Bachelor degree in International Marketing, a Master’s degree in Economics form the Catholic University of Nijmegen and an MBA International Business from Hofstra University in New York.


As of September 2012 he was appointed Head Global Sourcing for Phillip Morris International Management SA. In this role Edson is responsible for Employee Value Proposition, Employer Branding and global sourcing strategies for Phillip Morris.


Previous to this role Edson was member of the global management team of ING Group responsible for Leadership, Talent and Development. Within this remit Edson was responsible for Talent Acquisition, On boarding, Development and Retention. In addition to this Edson is an avid Diversity Ambassador and ex-member of the ING Gay and Lesbian Association (ING Gala) and ING Cross Cultural Network (Crossing)


Edson began his career with ING in 2000 as Business Consultant and Project Manager in the Retail business and subsequently in Insurance. Based on his program and change management experience Edson continued his career in Human Resources and Corporate Communications. During this period he worked on several strategic programs among others the European HR Transformation program and ING’s sports and sponsoring strategy.


Edson is native of Curacao and proficient in English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentoe and French (basic).




María Jesús Méndez is a writer, journalist at the University of Chile and in the Master of Human Studies from the University Carlos III of Madrid. Director of Mirales group, composed of "Mirales Magazine" Digital lesbian magazine which has been three years in the market, "Day Party", promoter of cultural events; "Mirales Consulting" is a consultant specialized in lesbian and bisexual women, and market research studies.

Upcoming release of "Familias" a magazine oriented to LGBT families, a collective which is continually growing.




Researcher at IE Center for Diversity in Global Management


Lugar María de Molina, 4 E-101
ESPAÑA, Madrid
Fecha y Hora 22 de noviembre 2012 / 18:00 Horas
Idioma Inglés/Español
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