IE Clubs Day at IE Business School’s Madrid Campus
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IE Clubs Day at IE Business School’s Madrid Campus

Sep 13, 2012
Available in English/Spanish

To celebrate our IE Alumni Forum, the clubs organize the following events.

All the events will take place in the new building of Maria de Molina 31.




4 pm


MM-101: IE Finance Club. How to Boost Your Employability in Financial Services

MM-103 (2 hour event): IE Marketing Club. Kraft Philadelphia: Brand Building, Innovating and fighting against private labels

MM-301: IE Real Estate Club. Tendencias de inversión en Real Estate


5:15 pm


MM-101: IE Entrepreneurship Club. Entrepreneurship Club Annual Briefing

MM-301: IE Business Circle: Enel Lab: Fomentando iniciativas.....

MM-403: IE Net Impact & IE Africa Club. Water is life - Maji Ni Uhai

MM-502: IE Energy Club. Presentation of IE Energy Club and preview
IE Energy Day 2012

MM-602 (2 hour event): IE Retail Club. ¿Cómo llegar a ser un CEO líder en Retail?

MM- 701 IE Technology & Innovation Club: Conferencia de Pablo Rodríguez

6:30 pm


MM-101: IE Ethics & Sustainability Club. Carbon footprint calculation and offset of the IE Alumni Forum 2012

MM-103: IE Healthcare Club. De la investigación a la empresa con una apuesta innovadora: productos a base de perlas de pescado u omega-3

MM-301: IE Tourism and Leisure Club. El turismo como palanca de la economía española

MM-303: IE Sports Management Club. El Objetivo es la Salud: Corporate Sport

MM-502: IE Venezuela Club. Venezuela: del socialismo a una economía de mercado


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Main Hall: Afterwork by Heineken and Networking






Venue Madrid
SPAIN, Madrid
Date & Time Sep 13, 2012 / 16:00 Horas
Language English/Spanish
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