Innovating like a Start-up in a Big Company
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Innovating like a Start-up in a Big Company

20 de noviembre 2012
Sólo disponible en Inglés

Exponential data growth and slowly growing revenues are carriers dilemmas today. To meet such a challenge, it is the time for Telcos to focus on disruptive innovation. While the early stage of Telco innovations focused around their core technologies and business around voice and data, the next decade looks very different. In this talk I will discuss how open innovation, staying small, and following customers home can drive a quite revolution.

Speaker: Pablo Rodríguez, Telefónica I+D, Scientific Internet Director


Biopic: Pablo Rodríguez is Director of Research and Director of Telefonica Digital Barcelona R&D Lab. He is also an adjunct faculty professor at the department of computer science at Columbia University, New York. He has developed his career in the United States as a software architect and entrepreneur in three Silicon Valley start-ups (Inktomi, which provided the search engine of MSN, Yahoo and AOL; Netli and Tahoe Networks). He also worked at Microsoft Research in Cambridge and Bell-Labs in the USA. As a result of his work, Pablo has more than fifty scientific publications and patents.

Lugar IE Business School, María de Molina, 31 MM-102
ESPAÑA, Madrid
Fecha y Hora 20 de noviembre 2012 / 16:30 Horas
Idioma Inglés
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