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Take the Challenge® International MBA Scholarships awarded

One of the most important activities of the IE Business School Fund is to grant every year the Take the Challenge scholarships. The recipients of these scholarships have a clear inclination towards the development challenge of low and middle income economies.

These are bright motivated students ready to learn and develop the necessary skills in order to contribute to their countries and local communities. These students come from all parts of the world and from a variety of backgrounds. Together they represent the essence of our efforts to produce responsible managers ready to bring social and economic progress to the world.

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Marianne Da Silva Cardoza

Diversity Scholarship 2009 November Intake
Marianne Da Silva Cardoza (Venezuela)

Diversity Scholarship
International MBA. Experience : Banco Mercantil S.A.


Rosalen Ramos

Diversity Scholarship 2009 April Intake
Rosalen Ramos (Puerto Rico- USA)

International MBA. Experience: IBM.

My name is Rosalen Ramos and I am one of the Diversity in Management scholarship recipients of the International MBA program at IE Business School. Prior to joining IE, I worked as an Industry Sales Professional for IBM Corporation in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I was responsible for developing business relationships with the major corporate clients in the Public Sector Industry. I was focused on creating and implementing sales strategies and had the responsibility of leading cross-functional sales and marketing teams in order to achieve revenue and profit objectives for the company.

The International MBA at IE has been an exceedingly gratifying experience for me. The program has allowed me to enhance my skills and acquire a more structured approach to business strategy and problem solving. Moreover, I have been able to reinforce and complement my engineering background and build upon the groundwork of my sales experience. Still, the most rewarding experience so far has been the international experience provided by the diverse student body at IE. The cultural experience that I am gaining from my studies at the School has been second to none.

After graduating from IE, I aspire to move on to a leadership position within my current employer (IBM) that will allow me to have an active participation in decision-making and corporate strategy. The International MBA program at IE has been an important tool in helping me position myself for this objective. Most importantly, having the financial benefit of the scholarship has alleviated the financial worries that could have arisen otherwise. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity of being chosen for this prestigious scholarship and hope that I can reciprocate the opportunity that was granted to me for upcoming generations of students.

Once again, thank you very much.

Rosalen Ramos
International MBA Student ‘10
IE Business School

Teona Mikadze

Diversity Scholarship 2008
Teona Mikadze. Georgia.

Before coming to IE I was working as the Head of Marketing Department of second largest bank in Georgia – TBC Bank. I had worked in marketing field for seven years and in managerial positions for 5 years. Besides bank marketing I have also worked as the director of media research agency in Georgia. As to the education, I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics from Georgian Technical University and have received scholarships from US Department of State to study as an exchange student in the United States during my undergraduate studies. IE

My decision to enroll in the MBA program was directly linked to IE. As I already had academic experience in the US, I wanted to study in Europe, particularly in Spain, I was looking for one year program and diversity of the class. So obviously my choice was IE and I only applied to this school, even though I could not afford it at the time.

I am really happy about my choice. This year has been amazing in all aspects: the knowledge I received, interesting people I have met, interesting projects I have worked on. It is a great academic, professional and personal experience that is definitely a life-changing, at least for me. This year has opened my mind to many new ideas and possibilities. The only downside is that we are graduating in the worst time of the economy, but I keep positive and optimistic that I will find a job that will fulfill my aspirations.



Assel Mussabekova

Diversity Scholarship
Assel Mussabekova.

Assel graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor in Social Science with emphasis in Political Science from the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and strategic research. She has held various positions in both sales and marketing roles. Her latest experience before enrolling at IE business School international MBA program was as a Marketing Manager for the Football Federation of Kazakhstan. Her outstanding academic record, financial need and diverse background make her an ideal candidate for the Diversity Scholarship of the IE Fund.

Assel will graduate on the 15th of December. Overall she is very happy with the experience and knowledge she acquired during the IMBA. It was a big challenge for her specially considering her young age and little work experience she had before entering the program. Nevertheless she was able to complete the program successfully. After graduation she will return back to Kazakhstan where she will be joining a U.K. based strategy consulting firm called Lotum Consulting. She will be hired as a research consultant. The company specializes in consulting for development projects in the region.



Pavel Kudrautsau

Sandy Samaan

B.S. In business administration and accounting. American University Cairo
Nationality Egyptian

Sandy, 27 years old, Egyptian, was selected by the Admission’s Committee as a pre-candidate for the Lazar von Kutas Scholarship for the B.S. In business administration and accounting intake. She was also evaluated by Prof. von Lazar himself who considered her a good candidate for the scholarship. Due to some problems with her student visa, Sandy had to postpone the start of her program to the November 2006 intake. Therefore, this year’s Von Kutas scholarship was given to Sandy Samaan.

Sandy graduated from The American University in Cairo in 2002 with a concentration in Business Administration and accounting. Her prior business experience before starting her MBA included working in the Automobile sector as a controller in the foreign suppliers division. In addition, Sandy worked in the Telecommunications industry in the finance department of Giesecke & Devrient Egypt Ltd. Finally, before coming to Madrid Sandy had a 6 month internship at an Investment firm in Cairo. She is fluent in both Arabic and English and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Blagoja Hamamdziev

B.A. in business administration from the Anglo-American College in Prague
Nationality Prague

Mr. Hamamdziev received his B.A. in business administration from the Anglo-American College in Prague. Immediately after graduation Blagoja started working for Earns & Young in Macedonia as an auditor evaluating different businesses and financial process in various companies. After two years he moved to Seavus Group also in Macedonia where he became the CFO of the company overseeing operations and control of all subsidiaries. He speaks Macedonian, English and basic Spanish and Czech. In 2002 he received an undergraduate scholarship by the central European Education and Cultural Exchange for academic excellence and achievement

Miklos Zoltai

Bernhard Niesner

University of Economics and Business Administration of Vienna, Austria.
Nationality Vienna, Austria.

Bernhard studied at the University of Economics and Business Administration of Vienna, Austria. He graduated summa cum laude. He worked for Roland Berger Strategy Consultants in Germany responsible for the competence center for consumer goods and retail. Currently at IE, Bernhard is a member of the IE social responsibility club.

Miklos Zoltai

TAKE THE CHALLENGE "Erzsebet Lazar von Kutas" Memorial Scholarship
Myrthee Blanco Diaz


Student Profile:

B.A. from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with a specialization in Actuarial Mathematics

Worked for AXA Insurance company from June 1998 until prior to the MBA. Myrthee had managerial positions in Paris, Chile and Spain in roles such as Actuarial manager, Head of Life Actuarial and Technical Department and Senior Financial Control Manager.

She is trilingual in Spanish, French and English

She has acted as the vice-president of the Quebec Actuarial student association and founded the international committee within this organization.

Marja FeldinTake the Challenge "Diversity scholarship" 2005
Edith Berda


Student Profile:

B.A. in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia, Israel. Also from the same center an L.L.B. degree graduating with honors from both degrees.

Edith has worked for the District Attorney's office in Jerusalem and acted as representative of the attorney general in the Jerusalem Magistrates' court. She has worked as a lawyer for the Vainshtok-Zekler & Co. law firm in Tel Aviv, and combined her professional practice with her academic work as teaching assistant at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzlia. Her latest position has been as the attorney for the Ministry of the Environment in Israel.

Edith has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2000

She speaks fluent Hebrew and English

Edith has traveled extensively throughout South America

Marja FeldinTAKE THE CHALLENGE "Leadership Scholarship"
Edin Rekic


Student Profile:

B.A. with honors in Industrial Management (Business administration and engineering) from the University of Applied Science in Esslingen Germany. Edin's final project was conducted at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Montvale NJ in the USA.

Edin has worked at IBM in Germany as a Database Marketing strategist and as a Team leader of Database marketing.

Edin speaks three languages including English, German and Bosnian

Edin is an active member of a Bosnian humanitarian organization called "Merhamet" which helps orphans and war victims in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Pavel Kudrautsau

Take the Challenge "Erzsebet Lazar von Kutas" Memorial Scholarship 2004
Pavel Kudrautsau

BBA, International Management
Nationality Belarus

"I have decided to attend IE in part for the Take the Challenge scholarship that I received and of which I was acknowledged before the start of the program.

Actual results of my studies have exceeded my expectations thanks to the diversity of my class, professors, and especially different work groups. At IE I have been exposed to a much deeper international experience than when I used to work in multinational FMCG companies. I have mastered my Spanish, developed quite a wide network of contacts and increased my self-esteem and business knowledge.

Thanks to the Take the Challenge scholarship I feel I have far greater opportunities to build my career after completion of the program than if I had stay working with FMCG companies.

After completing my program I would like to contribute promoting IE in the business world and attract other students to come and live this great experience”.

Marja FeldinTake the Challenge "Diversity scholarship" 2004
Marja Feldin

Bachelor degree in journalism and English
Nationality Slovenian

"The International MBA program at IE has not only met, but also exceeded my expectations. It broadened my potential employment functional and geographical horizons, provided me with the most update managerial concepts and techniques and sharpened my competitive edge. The study successfully immersed me in the many aspects of the business world, where nothing is given for granted. The amount of knowledge I am gaining has surpassed my expectations and will surely repay for the entire investment.

The faculty at IE never ceases to amaze me with their experience and the clarity with which they connect it to the theory. Especially in strategy and marketing, my favorites, I find it absolutely amazing how well professors enrich the cases and the background theory with their own experience that gives us additional insight. And also how well they elicit and build on our own experience – class discussions are a place, where you realize how important an international structure really is. IE’s policy on this assures a variety that could hardly be found at any other business school. IE truly gives exposure and prepares one for the international environment we will dive in after finishing.

On top of the academically and professionally challenging environment that is exponentially improving my performance, I also find that my study in Spain is enriched by the “school culture” uniqueness of IE. If I compare the prevailing attitude at IE to other business schools that I have been able to get to know in various tournaments, team work and friendship are definitely the most notable characteristics that differentiate IE and leave its students with not only useful but indeed great experience.

With all this coupled with the uniqueness of the always vivid Madrid and the overall Spain temperament I can definitely say: “If I had to choose again, I wouldn’t think twice. IE.”

Miklos Zoltai

Take the Challenge "Leadership Scholarship" 2004
Miklos Zoltai

Masc, Electrical Engineering / Telecommunications
Nationality Hungarian

"I was very fortunate to have received one of the Take the Challenge scholarships and thanks to this I was able to attend IE's international MBA.

The experience of earning an MBA at IE Business School has been a very enriching one. The program has been extremely intense but it has allowed me to meet great people from all over the world. I have had the chance to work in my groups with people from Latin America, Asia, America and the rest of Europe and exchange different points of views and experiences.

The MBA at IE has opened my eyes to new business ideas and theories which professors explained very thoroughly in our classes. Also, the program has allowed me to prepare myself better to face the challenges of today's world markets.

I would recommend everyone to come and study at IE because it is a great academic institution, the program is very competitive and the atmosphere of the school embedded in the heart of Madrid allows students to enjoy while learning the latest in Business Education."