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IE Business School

Founded in 1973, IE Business School (IE) is an independent, international business school regularly recognized as one of Europe’s leading business schools, offering executive education, in-company training, and master degree programs, combining in-class modules with interactive on-line techniques.

Renowned for its commitment to entrepreneurship and innovative character, IE offers a wide range of program content from the field of entrepreneurship, and promotes projects like ICEVED (International Center for Entrepreneurship and Venture Development), a virtual portal that links 24 international business schools, acting as an interface between entrepreneurs and investment funds.

IE Business School offers programs with international content, enriched by a teaching faculty and student body from some 60 countries. The worldwide resources of IE were further strengthened by the creation of the Sumaq Alliance, an agreement with seven leading business schools in Latin America to offer executive training programs using a common platform.

IE Business School is recognized as one of the best schools in the world in the field of leadership, interpersonal communications and information technologies. The design of master programs at IE, the infrastructure of research centers, program content, services and teaching methodology are just some of the areas that have benefited from the advantages brought by new technologies. Important technology-oriented projects at IE include the division, which develops e-learning programs and modules for MBA courses and executive education.

IE Business School , with its well-equipped campus in the center of Madrid, is internationally known and consistently ranked among the best international business schools worldwide and the top five in Europe (e.g. Financial Times, Wall Street Journal).

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