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Welcome letter from Chairman of the Board Fernando Barnuevo

Fernando Barnuevo The IE Business School Fund was established in 2001 with its mission to train students capable and willing to take the development challenge. Our Foundation is committed to generating financial aid for these students, to the advancement of applied research aimed at drawing up development-oriented policies, to training responsible entrepreneurs who create collective value and most importantly, to bringing social change in developing economies.

We are extremely proud of the programs we support, as they are the engines, which will improve the lives of thousands of people. Most of these programs are developed and implemented by IE Business School. For over thirty years, this academic institution based in Madrid, Spain, has been committed to instilling an entrepreneurial spirit in its students, it has focused its academic muscle on business education and the relations between Europe, Latin America and the US.

Our initiatives include the Take the Challenge Scholarship Program which allows students from all over the world to receive top level managerial training and then return to their home countries and put in practice this acquired knowledge into a development project. Another program we support is the Center for Diversity in Global Management, which aims at fostering the integration of cultural, gender and skills diversity as tools for more effective business performance. Finally we support academic research in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Latin America and environmental and sustainable growth policies.

We invite you to join us in this great project and share with us the mission of bringing change to developing economies. The task is enormous but with your support we feel confident that by investing on education the economic returns for these countries will be sustained in the future and will translate into a better more equitable world.