Do you have any questions?


Once you have made your Place Reservation, the Student Office will send you your password to access the Online Campus. The Student Office is available to answer your questions and provide any information needed in order to make your experience of studying at IE University or moving to a foreign country unique and enriching.

We recommend you stay in contact with the Student Office throughout the time you prepare to study at IE University to take advantage of the range of assistance and information services we offer.


Things to remember before arriving to get you off to a good start: 

  • Apply for your visa and/or have all your legal documents ready and valid. 
  • Take out private medical insurance if you are not an EU resident. For EU residents, get your International Health Card or Social Security Card.
  • Compile a list of the health centers and doctors you can visit if you are ill and that are covered in your insurance policy.
  • Bring current contact details in case of emergency, medical certificates, and any regular medication you require.
  • Start looking for accommodation as soon as possible, either in the Residence Hall in our Segovia Campus, for an apartment to rent or a dorm in Madrid. You can find out more information about accomodation here
  • Bring your laptop and all the necessary cables and adapters.
  • If you have more luggage than you can bring, you can always send it to us beforehand and we will keep it in storage until you arrive.
  • You may want to bring some personal items to decorate your new room.

Student Life Director

Juan Barrio


Phone: +34917821723


IE University Host Office Director

Ana Martín-Lopéz


Phone: +34 921-415-312


Student Life Communication Coordinator (Madrid Campus)

Martina Vera


Phone: +34917821723

Student Life Coordinator (Segovia Campus)

Clint Goodrich


Phone: +34 921-415-347


Student Mobility Coordinator

Nicky Sharp


Phone: +34 921-412-199


Vice Rector of Student Affairs

Miguel Larrañaga


Phone: +34 921-412-410