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30/07/2015. London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Informative Session

30/07/2015. London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Admissions Test

06/08/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

06/08/2015. Dusseldorf (GERMANY)

One to One Info Session

06/08/2015. Dusseldorf (GERMANY)

Admissions Test

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Admission for first-year students


At IE University we are well aware that choosing what to study at university is one of the most important decisions you have to make in life. Your choice will have a huge bearing on your personal journey, your professional future, and your achievements in life.

We know exactly what you’re going through: you are bewildered by the range of different options on offer, unsure and curious about everything, and anxious about starting out on a still uncertain future, yet you can’t wait to set out onto the path you have chosen. You are excited about starting something new, and the incredible experiences that come with that, and setting out on this uncharted adventure, as well as being worried about whether you have made the right choice. Then there are the opinions of your family, your school counselor, your teachers, and your friends. You are interested in what your schoolmates and friends are going to do and what the future holds for them, etc. Fantastic! And welcome! You are experiencing something special: a unique moment in time, in which you are the protagonist.

The aim of the IE University Admissions Department is to guide you in your choice, show you what IE University has to offer and, if you like what you see, help you through the admission process.

You are the protagonist of your journey, and we want you to continue playing that role, providing you with individual attention: you will be assigned a contact person in the Admissions Department, who will liaise with you in all your dealings with IE University.

This section provides detailed information about the complete admission process for pre-university students applying to the university for the first time. Should you have any specific queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you don’t have any queries, or prefer to deal with them as you go along, go straight to the online application form.