Candidates from over 30 countries for IE University’s Bachelor in Business Administration

14/03/2011 - General

The IE University BBA will be run in English and Spanish, starting in the 2009-10 academic year

Over 70% of expressions of interest come from international students

IE University enjoys the support of IE Business School, recognized as being among the best management education providers worldwide

IE University is to launch its Bachelor in Business Administration in the fall of 2009. The BBA will be the University’s first official degree in business administration, a field in which IE is considered a world reference. The degree rounds off IE’s portfolio of management education programs, which now encompasses university degrees, postgraduate degrees and executive education programs. The BBA, which will run in both English and Spanish versions and is fully compliant with Bologna requirements, offers a special focus on entrepreneurship, technological innovation and a humanistic approach.

To date over 70% of expressions of interest in the BBA have come from international students. Candidates are from over 30 countries of origin, including the US, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Hungary and Mexico. “IE has been shaping corporate leaders for 35 years, equipping them with global vision, an entrepreneurial mind-set and a humanistic focus. Now we have designed a new Bachelor in Business Administration with an eminently practical approach and a multidisciplinary structure in line with business realities,” said Martin Boehm, Dean of Graduate Studies at IE Business School.

IE University wants to attract the best Spanish and international talent. In order to achieve this it has launched its Academic Excellence Scholarship Program, covering up to 75% of program fees and aimed at students with outstanding academic records and personal achievements. The Academic Excellence Scholarships form part of a wider program offering a total of 2.5 million Euros in student aid. 


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