Francis Pisani, visiting professor at IE University, analyzes the web 2.0 revolution

14/03/2011 - General

The prominent author and blogger explains how the internaut, the indisputable star of the web, has become a web actor 


Internet is currently undergoing a fascinating transformation process that is fast becoming a revolution thanks to web users, the indisputable stars of this change. Users participate, express themselves, exchange knowledge, create social networks and are the first to break news stories thanks to new tools like Twitter or Facebook. The phenomenon of web 2.0, a term coined by experts, was today the central theme of the address given by researcher and IS and communication Guru Francis Pisani, at IE School of Communication at IE University.   


Based in San Francisco, Pisani is considered one of most influential bloggers and "thinking heads" worldwide in the field of the impact of the cybernetic world on our day-to-day lives and on business. He is a visiting professor at IE University and serves as guest speaker at institutions like Stanford University or the University of California at Berkeley.   


A columnist for press agencies like El País and Le Monde, Francis Pisani has brought many of the aspects that are revolutionizing the web to the discussion table, aspects that have turned the internaut into a web actor. The user is now the real star thanks to the many opportunities offered by the internet, like the creation of web content and communities, and the growth of e-trade. Pisani explains how all this has a direct impact on the global economy, on business and on journalism,  how we are on the brink of a transformation that will change our lives and the key components of which are basically social networking, and new information and communication technologies.    


Pisani wanted his address at IE University to be an interactive event for the students of IE School of Communication, who asked the expert numerous questions related to the future of digital journalism and the professional opportunities that this new scenario would bring.  


Pisani was joined by the dean of IE School of Communication, Samuel Martín-Barbero, the writer and associate professor of IE University, Eduardo Martínez-Rico, and the IE School of Communication program director, Begoña González Cuesta.


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