IE School of Communication professor Alfonso Merlos receives the Larra Award for Journalism

14/03/2011 - General

IE School of Communication professor Alfonso Merlos has received the Larra Award presented by the Madrid Press Association. The award is for the young Spanish journalist who has made the most outstanding contribution to the field in 2009.


Since September of last year, Alfonso Merlos has served as associate director of the COPE radio station. He contributes regularly to the press as a columnist in the international section of La Gaceta, and to television as a political analysit on ‘La Vuelta Al Mundo’ and ‘7 Noticias, 7 Opiniones’, broadcast on Spanish TV channel Veo 7 . He is currently serving as professor of political science and e-governance at IE University (IE School of Communication) as well as teaching international relations on the Master of International Information run by Madrid’s Complutense University.


For Merlos the Larra award has been an achievement on both a personal and professional level, given that he is the first journalist at the COPE radio station to receive it. “It is a real source of pride for me that COPE can have this award on display". The IE School of Communication professor feels that the award has come in recognition of "journalism that is adventurous, innovative, sharp, and particularly critical of authority.” Merlos does not see journalism as representing the powers that be, or at their service, but rather “as a means to counterbalance power, in true American style. Furthermore it is essential that we transmit this to new generations."


Merlos holds a Doctorate in Journalism cum laude from Madrid’s Complutense University and a Diploma in Security and Defense in the Mediterranean Region issued by the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies.  He has authored a large number of articles for publications that include journals Estrategia Global, Política y Estrategia, Cuadernos de Periodistas, Estudios Internacionales de la Complutense, and Temas de Actualidad, and leading Spanish press agencies El Mundo and ABC. His research, essays and articles have already received recognition in the form of Spain’s “National Award for Defense” (2006), and “Armed Forces Journal Award” (2007). He is a member of the Madrid Press Association and the Spanish Association of Political Science and Administration.


He is the author of the books La infiltración islamista (The Islamic Infiltration) and La amenaza yihadista en América Latina (The Jihad Threat in Latin America) (2009), El islamismo como amenaza a las sociedades europeas (Islamism as a threat to European Societies)” (2009), Europa, Irak y los nuevos frentes de la yihad ( Europe Iraq and the new Jihad fronts)(2008), La transformación de al Qaeda (The transformation of Al Qaeda)(2007), ¿Rendirse ante ETA? 25 voces contra la negociación (Surrender to ETA? 25 Vocies against neogotiation)(2007) and Al Qaeda: raíces y metas del terror global (Al Qaeda, roots and goals of global terror) (2006).


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