IE University and The Chronicle to hold joint conference on Higher Education

02/06/2011 - Conference, Higher Education

IE University and The Chronicle of Higher Education have announced that they will be joining forces to organize a conference on Reinventing Higher Education: The Role of the University in a Global Society, set to take place on October 18 of this year at IE’s Madrid campus. The event is in line with the markedly international approach of IE University, launched in 2008 by leading management educator IE Business School. 

The conference will be structured around a series of panels comprised of some 25 thought leaders, university administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, academics, student representatives, and media experts, who will discuss the current status and future evolution of higher education (HE), and debate the direction that research, learning, governance and management of universities should now take.

Speakers this year include Lisa Anderson, President of The American University in El Cairo; Nigel Thrift, Vice Chancellor of Warwick University; Martha Mackenzie, President of the Oxford Student Union; Francis Vérillaud, Vice President of Sciences Po; Matthew Gutmann, Vice President of Brown University; and David Van Zandt , President of The New School (NY). 

The full list of speakers is available at:


Topics for debate will include:

  • - Ways in which universities can contribute to human and social development in the developing world
  • - How to teach students to work in cross-cultural, international teams
  • - How university research has to be reshaped to work on the world’s most difficult and important problems
  • - The relevance of education for graduates’ careers - how to encourage interaction between global universities and global corporations.
  • - The increased mobility of students, faculty and institutions, with the definition of international partnerships and cooperation, branch campuses, etc.
  • - The new student profiles, versed in new technologies, entering the field with new skills and attitudes towards learning.

Further information on the conference is available at:


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