IE University and Hay Festival build on their commitment to sustainability with Shigeru Ban, Mikael Strandberg and Geoffrey Parker

14/03/2011 - General

· IE University has renewed its agreement to serve as chief sponsor and academic partner of the upcoming edition of Hay Festival Segovia.

· Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg, and historian and hispanist Geoffrey Parker will be sharing experiences and insights with IE University professors.

· IE University students will take part in the Festival’s press conference  and its team of multilingual volunteers.


IE University and the Festival of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust have signed an agreement whereby the University has renewed and expanded on its role of chief sponsor for the 5th edition of Hay Festival Segovia, which will serve as an international platform to bring together over 100 writers and thinkers from around the world on September 18 to 26. Santiago Íñiguez de Onzoño, Rector of IE University, and María Sheila Cremaschi, representing the Festival of Literature and Arts Charitable Trust Foundation, have signed an agreement whereby IE University will contribute to the organization of the festival with experts, resources and facilities.


Santiago Iñiguez, Rector of IE University, said that the University is delighted to share the Hay Festival’s commitment to bring to Segovia thought leaders with such a large range of visions for a global world. “The Festival embodies the spirit underlying the educational experience we provide at IE, and we hope that our contribution will further add to the enjoyment of everyone at the Festival.”


María Sheila Cremaschi, Director of Hay Festival Segovia, underscored the fact that the Festival organisers “share with IE University a belief in the importance of critical through processes, coupled with a desire to showcase 21st century Segovia as being comparable to the Florence of the Medici”, adding a quote by Peter Florence: “For real change, let’s talk of dreams”.


Climate change, sustainability and humanities, key themes in the Hay Festival Segovia 2010.


As part of the agreement with Hay Festival Segovia 2010, IE University will be sponsoring three conferences and five workshops centered around humanities, architecture and communication.


Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, cited by Time magazine as one of the main innovators of this century, enjoying worldwide renown for projects like the Furniture House and the Paper Church (in response to the Kobe earthquakes) or the Pompidou Center (Metz, France), will be talking with Martha Thorne, Executive Director of the Pritzker Awards and Associate Dean of External Relations at IE School of Architecture, about the social responsibility of architecture. 


Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg, who has explored over 115 countries over the last 23 years, and who was named “Explorer Hero” in 2002 by National Geographic, will be sharing his experiences with Samuel Martín-Barbero, Adjunct Dean of IE Business School. Mikael Strandberg has authored prize-winning documentaries, including “Patagonia - 3,000 Kilometres by Horse”,The Masai People - 1,000 Kilometres by Foot”, and “58 Degrees – Exploring Siberia on skis”


The current international situation and change management will be at the center of debates led by Geoffrey Parker, who is in Spain this month to present his new book “Felipe II” (published by Planeta). Parker, a renowned historian and hispanist, as well as senior lecturer at Ohio State University since 1997, will be talking to Rolf Strom Olsen, Professor of IE School of Arts and Humanities, about leadership challenges viewed from a historic perspective.


IE University students and professors involved in workshops and organization 


The agreement also includes the participation of students currently studying IE University’s  Bachelor in Communication in the Hay Festival’s Communication Committee, to work on strengthening the promotion of the event both in Spain and worldwide through blogs and social networks. Furthermore, some ten students from the University formed part of the international team of volunteers during the event.


IE University will lend added support to the main themes of this edition of the Hay Festival with the organization of five workshops led by its professors and centered on digital design in architecture, creative writing, multimedia journalism, and expression and spokesmanship. The journalism and spokesmanship workshops will be co-organized with journalists from leading Spanish daily ABC and members of the Dircom Association, respectively. 


In the recognition of the fact that the province of Castilla y Leon has forged an international reputation as the cradle of Castilian Spanish, the Hay Festival and IE University have designed a three-day workshop entitled “Español en Contexto (Spanish in context)” for international visitors, where they will discover the language through the writings of guest authors, and the legends and traditions of the city of Segovia.


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