IE University to host international forum for political communication and public opinion

11/03/2011 - general, communication

"It is virtually impossible to study public opinion without implicating communication. Our WAPOR seminar brings together top scholars doing cutting-edge research in both areas, and we are delighted to return to Spain for this regional meeting." says Patricia Moy, Conference Committee Chair of the World Association for Public Opinion Research.

The symposium will run for two days, with top-tier speakers like  Matthew Hindman, (George Washington University), Elihu Katz (University of Pennsylvania), Shanto Iyengar (Stanford), Patricia Moy (University of Washington), Monroe Price (University of Pennsylvania), Hernando Rojas (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Robert Luskin (University of Texas at Austin). They will be examining issues like the use of new technologies in politics, image, and the influence of new political movements like the Tea Party in the US, the differences between European and US models, the image of politicians in times of crisis or the latest advances in poll measurement tools.

“The international symposium on Transnational Connections Challenges and Opportunities in Communication and Public Opinion Research will offer, for the second year running, a series of conference-style panels and thematic workshops in which scholars will debate cutting-edge issues in public opinion and political communication and will also advance collaborative projects initiated last year” says Magdalena Wojcieszak, event organizer and associate professor of political communication at IE University.

“It is a pleasure to enjoy the support of WAPOR and Annenberg School for Communication for the organization of what is a unique event, designed to strengthen international cooperation and foster constructive debate among some of the world’s most prominent academics on the future of political campaign analysis and public opinion” says Begoña González Cuesta, Dean of IE School of Communication, IE University.

IE University is organizing the symposium jointly with other internationally prestigious institutions, namely the Center for Global Communication Studies of Annenberg School for Communication, International Communication Association (ICA), Media Tenor, World Association of Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), International Political Science Association (IPSA), International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), and European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA).


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