International experts in Social Entrepreneurship meet at IE University

14/03/2011 - General

International experts in Social Entrepreneurship meet at IE University 

IE University, in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium (SEEC), will host a conference for international experts in Social Entrepreneurship on July  9, 10 and 11 in Segovia.  This event, organized by IE professor Rachida Justo, is the first international workshop in Spain on Social Entrepreneurship.


The conference will bring together experts from over 20 countries, including Germany, Canada, Chile, Denmark, US, Egypt, Holland, India, England, Gambia, Mexico, Norway and Venezuela. They will share knowledge of the challenges and impact on society of social entrepreneurship, an innovative business model that is increasingly widespread.


Internationally renowned speakers.

Conference participants comprise academics, social entrepreneurs and key players from the field of social entrepreneurship, including:


· Odón Casadesús, founder of RECICLEM (, Spain.


· Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., LEED AP, founder and CEO of (, Canada and US.


· Robert Katz, Knowledge and Communication Associate of Acumen Fund (, US.


· Mareike Hussels, Dutch representative of E+Co, leading firm worldwide in investment in the clean energies sector, focused on development of low income communities ( ), Holland.


· Robert Katz, Knowledge and Communication Associate of Acumen Fund, María Calvo, Director of Ashoka España, Patricia Moreira, General Director of Ayuda en Acción and Javier Martin-Cavanna, President of Compromiso Empresarial.


· Ana Millán, Director of Accenture Foundation España.


· Javier Martín-Cavanna, President of Compromiso Empresarial ( )

· Patricia Moreira, Executive Director of Ayuda en Acción (


· María Calvo, Director of Ashoka Spain (



International Social Entrepreneurship Projects

The workshops that comprise the conference will include a business plan competition for social and environmentally sustainable business projects. Some 10 student teams from countries that include the US, India, Spain, Gambia, Mexico, and Norway will compete before a panel for a prize of €1,500 and business assessment sponsored by the Accenture Foundation.



Social Entrepreneurship and Education Consortium 

SEEC is a non-profit organization founded by Stanford University, MIT and Elon University, and is aimed at people involved in the promotion and creation of social companies and businesses dedicated to research or education in the field of social entrepreneurship. https:/



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