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19/09/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

19/09/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Open Day

20/09/2014. Segovia (SPAIN)

Open Day

20/09/2014. Segovia (SPAIN)

Admission Test

22/09/2014. Brussels (BELGIUM)

Admission Test

There’s more to life at IE University…


Life at IE University is more than an academic experience, you’re also here to enjoy a complete experience and take advantage of all the opportunities around you. Students have a wide range of leisure, sports and cultural activities to get involved in. As an international university, these activities take place not only on our campuses in Segovia or Madrid, but throughout Spain and abroad.

As the Student Life team at IE University, we believe that extracurricular activities run best when they are generated, organized and promoted by the students themselves.  For this reason, we promote leadership, encourage entrepreneurship and provide opportunities for personal enrichment, cultural exchange and networking to foster the spirit of the IE community.

In summary, helping students to make the most out of their IE University experience!

All activities held at IE University must foster the following values: entrepreneurship, diversity, teamwork, community, networking, solidarity, initiative and commitment. 


Follow all the activities and events on our Student Life blog:


Student Life offers its students a wide range of sport activities. Numerous sports facilities and clubs in Segovia and Madrid have agreements with IE University and provide our students with an array of activities and classes to choose from. There are free, ongoing sporting activities, which are open to all students and take place throughout the year in local facilities. We try to schedule the sporting activities to fit with the academic timetable, allowing everyone to participate.

• Football

• Basketball

• Volleyball

• Tennis

• Paddle

• Swimming

In addition, Segovia’s geographic location is perfect for adventure sports such as hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, canoeing, horse-riding, golf and archery. There are several ski resorts nearby in Navacerrada, Valdesquí and La Pinilla open throughout the winter and spring.

Student Activities

Activities and social events are open to all IE University students from both campuses. Some are organized by student clubs, and others are University-led activities. Events such as film premieres, concerts, visits to museums, exhibitions and more are organized regularly. Seasonal events which occur annually include a welcome party, winter party and the IE University party.


Special Activities & Trips

The following activities and social events are scheduled for the current academic year and are open to all IE University students:

• Ski trips to the Swiss Alps & Pyrenees

• Scuba Diving course and diving weekend in Murcia, Spain

• Horse riding day

• Hiking trips in Castilla y Leon region

• Student Music Concert

• IE University Golf Tournament

• Visit to El Escorial

• Cultural Tour of Madrid

• Christmas Party

• Spring Ball



IEU Clubs are the engine of extracurricular activities and a crucial part in the creation of a unique, global and fun-filled experience of a committed community with diverse common interests – geographic, professional, social and sports. Being part of an IEU Club maximizes the opportunities offered by the diversity of students, faculty and staff.

Professional Clubs: Those that serve as a platform to discuss and share knowledge about specific academic areas, professional sectors  or skills and abilities linked to these pursuits.

Social Clubs:Those that that provide opportunities for volunteering and charity, networking, sharing personal interests, and hobbies.

Sports Clubs: Those that manage recreational and/or competitive sports activities and serve as a platform to share students’ passion about a particular sport.

Geographic Clubs: Those that provide opportunities to share interest in and knowledge of a particular country

IEU Clubs are organized by the community and for the community. We encourage all students to join a club or participate in their activities because they are a unique opportunity to widen your network, share your experiences, hobbies and similar concerns.


Join or create an IEU Club

You can join any club by contacting the current board and asking them to keep you posted about their activities and meetings. If you wish to create a new IEU Club, you must first read the IEU Club Guide and follow its procedures. Student Life can guide students who wish to participate in or create a club. All prospective students are also invited to take a look at the IE University Student Office Facebook Group, which contains information about the events, and activities that are organized for the current academic year on the Segovia and Madrid campuses.


Some clubs currently running are:

> Debate Club
> Entrepreneurship Club
> Investment Club
> Skill Development Club
> TEDx Club
> Philanthropic Club
> Liberal Student Association
> Greenway Club
> Football Club
> Girls Football Club
> Music Club
> China Club
> Surf Club
> Ski & Snowboard Club
> Dance Club
> Squash Club
These clubs, with the Student Office, organize and host a wide variety of events during the academic year, which have included:
> TED x IEU Ideas event
> Finance seminars with speakers from the New York Times, JP Morgan, and more
> Youth political debates
> Participation at the New York Model United Nations event in March
> Involvement in a local football league
> Ski and hiking excursions
> Chinese New Year cultural celebrations

Student Life Coordinator (Madrid Campus)

Mariela Orellana Anguiano


Phone: +34 917-821-723

Student Life Coordinator (Segovia Campus)

Ivan Wong


Phone: +34 921 415 347


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Student Opinions

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John Lano

John Lano

Things here are going on all the time ... ...
cerrar John Lano

John Lano

Things here are going on all the time, at least for me it's a big change and a great change because you go out and like just last week we decided to go on a really long tapeo and we were able to go to 10 different bars in one night, there were people our age, people older, younger, and it was a great mix.

Sophie Ulrich

Sophie Ulrich

I really like ths Spanish lifestyle ... ...
cerrar Sophie Ulrich

Sophie Ulrich

I really like the Spanish lifestyle because its really laid back, you feel really comfortable here. The weather, I think that’s an important factor because if you have blue skies every day, the mentality is totally different. You walk everywhere, people are nice to you, people are talking to you in the street ... it's great.

Jorge Ospina

Jorge Ospina

Everyone here knows each other ......
cerrar Jorge Ospina

Jorge Ospina

I really get along with fellow students as this university is not massified and everyone knows each other, spends time together, parties, goes on trips..