Clubs at IEU

About our Clubs...

Our Clubs have proved to be the most active members of our community and the ones to take the lead in organizing activities, conferences, workshops, etc. Clubs always count on our support to organize and promote such initiatives. You can become familiarized with former Club-related activities, campaigns and initiatives below.

What some of our Club members have to say...

"Our motto is 'Talks that Inspire'. You see, we want to take a radically new approach to talks", Salvador Mompeán (IEU Conference Club Founder).

The Club invited the Spanish Minister of Energy, Tourism and Industry to debate with our students.

“I was inspired by the speech by Emma Watson and UN Women to bring He for She to IEU”, Zainnab Al-Kurdi (He for She Campaign Leader).

The Club started a campaign to inspire and safeguard women all over the world.

“The IE Alpine Club is your destination for any and all outdoor activities, bringing like-minded people together to enjoy the beauty of nature in a fun way”, Bejamin Weber (Alpine Club Founder).

The Alpine Club's First Hike of the 2015 Fall Semeter

“I've been living in Segovia for nearly 2 years and had no idea about its beautiful surroundings. Hiking by the river on Sunday was a nice nice alternative from spending just another weekend in the city of Segovia or Madrid. For those who did not go with us, I highly recommend attending the next Green Club event!” (Ola, 2º year Psychology).

The Club reaches out to our student community with a very important message on why looking after the environment matters and how to have a healthy lifestyle

“The performers impressed the audience singing several pop songs such as: “Wiggle-Wiggle” and also cheered everyone up with Christmassy beats such as “Let it snow”. Usually our talented artists rehearse such songs long enough to make “new”, personalized versions of them, which are occasionally, even better than those of their original artists leaving all modesty aside", Angel Metodiev.

The IEU Music Club organizes mutiple concerts every semester!

The IEU Clubs List

IEU Clubs operate in Madrid as well as in Segovia and several of them create synergies in order to start activities together. In total, IEU hosts over 50 Clubs that not only improve and grow every day, but who also widen the scope of activities offered to our Students on a daily basis.

You will be able to find a list of the currently active IEU Clubs as well as its leader's name on the list provided below.

The Madrid IEU Clubs List

The Segovia IEU Clubs List

How to Start a Club

Clubs are the motors of IEU’s Student Life. We have no minimum member restrictions for founding a Club, as long as the Club has a clear mission and objectives to fulfill. If you have an interest in creating a Club, please contact us here.

Clubs not only count on our support for event/initiative organization and communications, but they can also ask us for financial support after submitting a budget proposal. Please be aware that decisions on financial support are always made on a case-by-case basis.

If you are interested in starting a Club, please contact Student Life in order to launch your initiative at the platform as well as in the IEU system. We will then provide you with all the management support, financial aid (upon revision) and communications help required.


Read our short guide on how to start a Club here.