About student wellbeing at IEU

Successfully balancing academic work, extracurricular activities and social life is important for our students at IE University. Finding the desired balance is a process that takes individual effort and time, and one of the University’s fundamental role is to provide the proper resources and infrastructure that facilitate such process.

In order to support our students through their path through University every step of the way, we firmly believe that helping them strike a balance between academic obligations, extracurricular activities and social life is extremely important. In order to achieve this, not only do we make Healthcare and Security information widely available to students, but we also organize a wide array of extracurricular and social activities through the Student Life department.

It is also important to mention that IEU is ever-willing to provide students with support in changing and difficult times. We make ourselves available in different ways at different stages of our student’s path through University. For instance, we reach out to freshmen through the IEU Mentorship program, which helps assign freshmen students an elder pupil an friend that helps them work the ropes through our Institution as well as their new living environment. At later stages, all of our students are also invited to attend the IEU Mentorship Program’s workshops (even when not enrolled in the Program itself), where professional psychologists provide tips and advice I order to help students get by at difficult times (ie. The final exams period). Finally, students who have pressing concerns and experience difficulties either at a personal or professional level, are invited to contact our Head Mentor for support; he will refer them to associate qualifies professionals if required.


The sections below explain the different services that IE University has in place:

Health and Safety at IEU

Essentials about health and safety at IEU.

Mentorship Program

For incoming freshmen and volunteer student mentors.

Amigo Program

For exchange students and volunteer student “buddies”.