IEU Mentorship Program

Welcome Message

Dear Student,

Welcome to the IE University Mentorship Program! If you are starting as a freshman at IEU, and you would like to have a head start by making new friends with upperclassmen; getting useful information about classes, professors, and books, or finding out about city life in Segovia or Madrid, this is the program for you. If you are a returning student, and would like to befriend incoming freshmen as you show them the tricks to be successful at IEU, you have come to the right place.

Redefining uniqueness is the motto at IE University, and it all begins with our students. As an IEU student, you have unique cultural backgrounds, skills, and abilities that can only grow and be enhanced by sharing them with the university community in general and your fellow classmates in particular. The Mentorship Program at IEU accelerates this opportunity during a semester-long commitment of proactive and highly engaged students like you. As a volunteer program for both the incoming freshmen and returning students, individuals who decide to partake in it take away lasting friendships and a wonderful sense of belonging to a community that values equality, friendship, sharing, and learning.

Welcome aboard and hope to meet you all soon in person.

Best wishes,

Taiki Kubota
IEU Head Mentor & Mentorship Program Coordinator


Mentorship is a one-on-one relationship that focuses on personal development through periodic communication and non-formal training. It is a form of learning that has existed since Ancient Greek times, whereby a person with more relevant knowledge, expertise, wisdom, or experience in a specific context acts as a guide to someone who is less knowledgeable or experienced about his/her situation.

Today, mentorship relationships can be found in different areas of our society: entry-level job positions that benefit from the guidance of a manager; med students who shadow doctors in a hospital; start-up entrepreneurs who seek advice from well-established company founders; underprivileged children who have the company of volunteer “big brothers or sisters” as positive role models, etc.

Benefits and advantages of having an IEU Mentor:

• Get firsthand information about academic and social life at IEU over the summer before you arrive on campus.
• Take informed decisions about what courses to take, books to buy, clubs and labs to join, or how to establish yourself in Madrid or Segovia.
• Have a familiar face on campus on your first day of classes.
• Enrich your academic and social life since day one.
• Develop strong bonds and friendships with other mentees and mentors.
• Widen your circle of friends by having mentors introduce you to students from other groups, degree programs, and class years.
• Close and continuous communication between equals.

Major Characteristics of the Program

Mentees (Incoming First year Students)

• Online registration
• Mentorship Program Kick Off event
• Monthly group activities with your mentor
• Monthly workshops for program members
• Mentorship Program Closing event

Learn more about the Registration Deadline under the "I want to become a Mentee" section provided below.

Mentors (returning students of second year or above)

• Online application
• One-time mentor training
• Mentorship Program Kick Off event
• Control over the activities you do with your mentees
• Monthly workshops for program members
• Mentorship Program Closing event

Learn more about the Registration Deadline under the "I want to become a Mentor" section provided below.

Past Experiences

  • Mentors Past Experiences

    A few comments from our 2014-15 Mentors.

    “Being a mentor has been a great experience! You get to make new friends from the IE community and you can be very helpful for them.”

    “My mentees were fun. Drama, Fun, and Action: everything was included”.

    “I am grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this program, for being able to help my mentees the best I could and especially for starting new friendships and learn more about myself when coordinating a small group in order to help them with any problem they might have had.”

    “I love being a mentor. It feels nice to be there for someone and being able to help the new students that still don’t have much of an idea of how University works.”

    “Being a mentor allowed me to be in a situation where I had to listen to students’ concerns, understanding them, and then presenting possible solutions to the problem. This may sound very simple, but it is extremely difficult to do it well. Overall, a great experience and, without a doubt, this will help me in the future.

    “I really enjoyed it, especially due to the fact that I met new interesting people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

    “It was great. A very good opportunity to get to know the freshmen a bit more. All the program is very clear and followed up. I believe that a lot of hard work is put behind it to make it as successful as it is and to improve it even more for the upcoming years.”

    “It was really nice to serve as a mentor and help people who were initially nervous and a little lost, and now seeing them very happy and more confident in the University.”

  • Mentee Past Experiences

    A few comments from our 2014-15 Mentees.

    “It was nice to have someone to guide you through the first year at University and I enjoyed it!”

    The first thing you think about when you enter university and someone is assigned as your mentor is: I hope he is not going to be taking that too seriously.” In fact, a mentor is supposed to help you and not to tell you what to do. I had the chance to have the first kind of mentor and it has been helpful for me as a freshman but it also has been the beginning of a friendship.”

    I wouldn’t have integrated as fast if it was not for my mentor. Every question I might have had was answered before I even had the change to ask it.”

    My experience was awesome – I would repeat it again. My mentor and I became friends and I want the same relationship with my mentee next year.”

    The Mentorship Program is perfect to overcome the challenges you are facing when arriving at IE.”

    An incredibly warm welcome since the first contact – a charming and sweet girl who was happy to help at a moment’s notice. Couldn’t be happier with my mentor, and feel lucky by having been assigned to her!”

    Being a mentee makes you feel like you’re not alone and actually have people to rely on, besides from your friends.”

    I had a great relationship with my mentor. He was incredibly helpful and he made my transition into the university much easier.”

    I met a great person at the beginning of the year who became a very good friend.”

    The contact with an actual IE student helped me a lot before I came to Madrid, as well as during the first weeks at the university. My mentor gave me a lot of information and tips, like how to use Campus Online, how to buy books, what to wear at the inauguration ceremony, and how some professors work.”

    “Overall a super cool experience. I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to be informed about my degree firsthand from actual students.”

Information for Parents

Dear Parent,

Congratulations on your child’s admission to IE University. As he/she prepares to leave for university, you might have as many questions and concerns as your son or daughter about this next step that is both important and significant toward full adulthood.

The IE University Mentorship Program (IEUMP) is a volunteer and complementary activity that the Student Office offers to first-year students in order to provide answers to those questions. The Program was first introduced in 2009 with the intention of encouraging our students to actively participate in and contribute to the development of a community that was young in every sense. As a result, students now had access to information that proved to be both useful and practical to navigate through the first months of university life. Moreover, the fact that this exchange of information was taking place between students, among equals, was what made this initiative all the more significant and impactful in the lives of the first-year mentees and their volunteer student mentors. 

The concept of Mentorship at IEU has expanded on a par with the University’s continuous growth. Today, with campuses in Segovia and Madrid offering a wider range of degree programs, labs, study abroad opportunities, or extra-curricular activities, not to mention the larger and more diverse student population, the amount of coursework they have each day, and their busy social lives, IEU is both a rich and complex world that students need to master to make the most of it.

Signing up as a first-year mentee is optional, and doing so comes with numerous benefits. With the support of our staff in the Mentorship Program, and through an active participation in student-led social activities, students have a head start in building trust and new friendships with others. At the same time, they learn to voice their achievements and concerns about university life, while the values and the philosophy that characterize our community are passed down from one generation to the next.

As a parent, knowing that your son or daughter is a member of the Mentorship Program provides an additional component of safety. It provides the certainty that he/she has the opportunity to be looked after by another student who is already an active member of our community during the Fall term of the first year at IEU.

We believe the different components of the Mentorship Program speed up the student’s adaptation process toward a full integration at IE University; and, in essence, it is the student’s desire to share and learn and grow from the experience where we see its immense value.

Kind regards,

Head Mentor