IEU Mentorship Program


Mentorship is a one-on-one relationship that focuses on personal and/or professional development through periodic communication and non-formal training. It is a form of learning that has existed since Ancient Greece, whereby a person with more relevant knowledge, expertise, wisdom, or experience in a specific context acts as a guide to someone who is less knowledgeable or experienced about his/her situation.

Today, mentorship relationships can be found in different areas of our society: entry-level job positions that benefit from the guidance of a manager; med students who shadow doctors in a hospital; start-up entrepreneurs who seek advice from well-established company founders; underprivileged children who have the company of volunteer “big brothers or sisters” as positive role models, etc.

Today, mentorship relationships can be found in different areas of our society, such as:

  • Entry-level job positions that benefit from the guidance of a manager.
  • Med students who shadow doctors in hospitals.
  • Start-up entrepreneurs who seek advice from well-established company founders.
  • Children or students who have the company of volunteer “big brothers or sisters” as positive role models.

Benefits and advantages of having an IEU Mentor:

•Get firsthand information about academic and social life at IEU over the summer before you arrive on campus.
•Take informed decisions about what courses to take, books to buy, clubs and labs to join, or how to establish yourself in Madrid or Segovia.
•Know and meet other students on campus from day one.
•Get ahead by establishing a rich, well-rounded academic and social life.
•Develop strong bonds and friendships with your Mentor and other Mentees.
•Widen your circle of friends by mixing with students from other degree programs, class years, and social interest groups

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Prospective Mentees (Incoming First year Students)

Past Experiences

  • Mentors Past Experiences

    Our Mentors Say.

    “I love being a Mentor. It feels nice to be there for someone and being able to help the new students that still don’t have much of an idea of how University works.”

    “In short period of time, I was able to not only build a social network between many of the Mentors but also between me and my Mentees, made some good friends and really enjoyed the time I spent with them during our dinners every two weeks.  I really think that the mentorship program has improved my ability to guide and share, and has allowed me to strengthen my leadership qualities to a great extent.”

    “Being a Mentor allowed me to be in a situation where I had to listen to students’ concerns, understand them, and then present possible solutions to the problem. This may sound very simple, but it is extremely difficult to do it well. Overall, a great experience and, without a doubt, this will help me in the future.

    “I think being a Mentor really reinforces the sense of community at IE, and that is the greatest positive aspect related to it. It is a good initiative that gives mentees the chance to be in direct contact with a 2nd year (if they wish to be), eliminating a barrier that can exist in some situations where 1st years feel shy towards 2nd years. It is really nice that mentors can offer their advice while remaining on the same approachable and relatable level as 1st years.”

    “I really enjoyed it, especially due to the fact that I met new interesting people that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

    “I learned that sometimes it takes a little bit of time for others to open up and ask for help – that does not mean that they are generally uninterested or don’t need your help.. It simply means that they are less extroverted and take more time to get comfortable. I learned that the best thing to do in those situations is to be patient and show the other person that you don’t mind waiting for them; that you will be there even if they approach you after a month for the first time.”

    “It was really nice to serve as a mentor and help people who were initially nervous and a little lost, and now seeing them very happy and more confident in the University.”

  • Mentee Past Experiences

    Our Mentees Say.

    “I was a lot more comfortable with the syllabus, teachers and how to approach the subject. My Mentor also made me feel extremely included with everyone at IE and ensured all my problems were taken care of.”


    “What did I get out of the Mentorship Program? New friends for sure, as well as a lot more confidence about myself and uni life.”


    “Throughout the Mentorship Program, I realized what it meant to be independent, with its advantages and responsibilities.”


    “I was able to ask my Mentor about classes, and she gave me advice on how to schedule my classes. I was even able to ask her about how to prepare for the semester, from managing time and studying to managing the Spanish winter.”


    “My Mentor definitely prepared me for the program I am currently in. I know that it will be a hard program but speaking to her made me realise that if I plan and organise my time well it is definitely do-able.”


    “I would like to become part of this program as a Mentor next year because I found it really useful and it would have been quite a lot harder to understand how the University worked, how some teachers or subjects were and to adapt in general. Besides that it was great to having someone to talk to both before and after the program and the semester began.”