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Tour the IE University Segovia Campus

Segovia is famous for its Romanesque art, stunning architecture and historic monasteries. One of these convents, Convento de Santa Cruz la Real, is home to the IE University Campus, which is situated just outside the city walls. Built in 1218 and declared a National Heritage site in 1931, IE University's campus covers more than 18,000 m2 and consists of conference rooms, lecture halls, workrooms, laboratories and multimedia studios.

IE University's Campus also houses the Reyes Catolicos Residence Hall, providing students with the comforts of  modern living within a medieval backdrop. The convent's church now serves as the University's Aula Magna, a spectacular building fully restored to its former glory.

The portal of the church is the work of 15th century Spanish sculptor and architect, Juan Guas, and is a perfect architectural example of the last phase of the Gothic period. Its carvings contain a complex mix of iconographic symbols, messianic and political scenes that symbolize the protection afforded by the Catholic kings who ruled Spain at the time.

A walk through the main cloister serves to transport visitors to a place in history that marks a sharp contrast with the technology used in the various classrooms, workshops and laboratories that make up the campus of IE University.

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