The Bachelor in International Relations is aimed at students who want to follow an international vocation and play a part in global changes. It is for those who possess critical thinking skills and an ability to understand and embrace complexity.


The Bachelor in International Relations is for...
         Individuals who are...                Looking for...                 To become...
…able to understand and interpret complexity. You are proactive and feel at ease engaging in and debating challenging issues. …a comprehensive program that will position you to become an influential actor at a global level and equip you with the necessary hard and soft skills to make a contribution to society.

• a member of your country’s foreign service

• a consultant for a multilateral organization

• an executive in a multinational corporation

• a development expert in an NGO


“I have always wanted to bring a voice to a problem, and the more complex the issues, the more I am motivated to find solutions.”

Adrián, Mexico


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Other students say


“I seek to work in a profession where I will be able to operate in an international environment.”

Elisa, Spain

“A career that would lead me to any place or part of the world, to work with an international outlook and where I could contribute in a profound way is what I consider my ideal future.” 

Samira, United Kingdom

 “I am interested in history, in politics, and in the how decision-makers have shaped the world. I hope that the Bachelor in International Relations that is directed for working in this global world we live in will give me the comprehensive knowledge I need to enter this amazing field.”

Erik, Germany


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