Bachelor in Psychology Become the expert in human behavior

Bachelor in Psychology

Is for individuals who are...

fascinated by human behavior. You embrace the idea of bringing change in everyday life and want to play an active role in helping people better manage their personal and professional lives.

Looking for...

A comprehensive program that gives you a deep understanding of human behavior, the principles that motivate people, and develops the skills you need to understand and develop people and organizations.

To Become...

  • a consumer expert
  • a coach and talent specialist
  • a product and service designer
  • an organization design expert
  • a public policy designer
  • a family & community counselor
  • a behavioral researcher

The Bachelor in Psychology at IE University is a comprehensive program designed for those fascinated by human behavior that want to play an active role in helping people personally and professionally.

With the expertise provided by IE University, this psychology program gives students a powerful toolbox of skills and knowledge on how to observe, ask critical questions, conduct research, and apply techniques to positively influence and develop people in their work and in their lives.

Our unique diverse community and practical approach enable our students to graduate as experts in human behavior, able to work in highimpact jobs in international settings; in private organizations, NGOs or public institutions.




4 years





What is Psychology at IEU?

To become experts in human behavior, we believe that students should pursue a comprehensive program in which they will study all of the core areas of psychology:

Program pillars

Psychology in practice

Putting theory into practice is an essential part of this hands-on program. Through workshops, projects, IE labs, internships, and your final project you will have a wide range of hands-on opportunities to practice what you have learned, have an impact and make a difference.

Become a critical thinker

Businesses, governments, and non-profits need people that think critically an ask the right questions to make the best possible decisions regarding customers, employees, citizens, clients and groups of people in need of help.

Manage change in people and organizations

Managing transitions at any level, in organizations or with individuals, is at the forefront of the practice of Psychology. You will learn the strategies, processes and leadership skills needed to identify and achieve desired outcomes and work with people and companies as a facilitator of change.

Bring innovation to Psychology

Organizations are seeking better ways to develop people in life and at work.
This program will empower you to push beyond the status quo and develop original strategies and innovative solutions in local and international settings.

A sure path to success

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IE’s School of Human Sciences and Technology is a unique, interdisciplinary institution that brings together three core areas with a common focus on people.

The Bachelor in Psychology is grounded in Behavioral Science and Human Development, but has important connections to how people communicate and use media, and to how data and technology can be used to study and enable people.

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