Bachelor in Psychology Be a facilitator of change

Bachelor in Psychology

Is for individuals who are...

fascinated by human behavior. You embrace the idea of bringing about change in everyday life and want to play an active role in helping people better manage their professional and personal lives.

Looking for...

a program oriented towards the business world that gives you a deep understanding of human behavior, the principles that motivate people, and develops the skills you need to become an agent of change within organizations.

To Become...

  • An expert in organizational behavior
  • A human resources professional
  • A consumer insights specialist
  • A training manager or coach

The Bachelor in Psychology has a clear focus on organizational psychology and provides the training to understand and manage social behavior in an organizational setting, backed by IE Business School´s expertise in management and leadership. It is aimed at those who want to become experts in human behavior, develop the skills to research, analyze, and think critically, and apply this expertise as leaders in organizations. Students will discover the connections between strategic management and productivity, and be able to enhance the performance of people, companies or organizations in a variety of international settings.




4 years





A sure path to success

Why study the Bachelor in Psychology at IE University

Program Overview

The four defining characteristics of the Bachelor in Psychology are:

Psychology in practice

Putting theory into practice is an essential part of this hands-on program. Each year you have the opportunity to carry out voluntary internships and work in the IE Labs on research and consulting projects. During these projects you will observe companies and organizations as an insider, learn to analyze strategies and work effectively with people.

Become a critical thinker

In the laboratory, in class, and beyond the classroom, this Psychology Degree is about learning to think critically and analytically. You will be involved in workshops, research, projects and internships that will allow you to extend and apply what you learn in class to the real world.

Manage change in people and organizations

Managing transitions at any level, in organizations or with individuals, is at the forefront of the practice of Psychology today. You will learn the strategies, processes and leadership skills needed to identify and achieve desired outcomes and work with people and companies as a facilitator of change.

Bring innovation to Psychology

Organizations are seeking better ways to manage people and improve productivity, and new approaches to understanding customers and human behavior in order to design better products and services. This program will empower you to push beyond the status quo and develop original strategies and innovative solutions in organizational settings.

Concentration Diplomas

You can choose a concentration to specialize in, and obtain a supplemental diploma in that specific area.

Organizational Psychology

An interdisciplinary study of management, communication and social dynamics within the work environment. Learn how to solve practical workplace issues and to apply the principles of psychology to human resources and leadership challenges to improve performance and productivity within an organization.

Consumer Insights

Learn the processes of how to develop a clear and deep understanding of a consumer's attitudes and emotions. Reveal hidden needs, identify positioning opportunities, reinforce brand image, and foster communication persuasiveness.

Positive Psychology

Focus on strengths and identify the aspects which make people and organizations thrive. Discover how to increase and enhance positive meaning and engagement, productivity and well being and to promote flourishing individuals and teams.